Susan is thankful for cookies and coffee, pomelos and her sister’s Instagram which is mostly just photos of peanut butter. She is thankful for her Dad who is a good writer. She loves reading his emails which remind her of Charles Dickens a bit.  She’s thankful for Starbucks and coffee and gluten-free cookies and plantain chips and blue corn tortilla chips and spicy hot salsa.

She’s thankful for the moment you get your period because then you know your butt and your boobs are going to deflate to a manageable size. You will poop good again, your skin will behave and then you’ll sleep like a baby. It feels like a total body cleanse.

She’s thankful for her job as a receptionist at Keller Williams. She’s thankful they don’t give up when things are hard. They are constantly trying new ways of doing things. A lot of trial and error and that’s the way Susan likes to learn, too. They always want to get better. Susan loves this about them. The job itself is one of the most challenging Susan’s ever had because it doesn’t come naturally to her. However, it’s slowly becoming easier. Either that or she’s getting a backbone. So much so, when agents or coworkers start acting like they are in grade one and  forget how to be nice or say kind things to each other, Susan is learning how to deflect their comments a little. She didn’t do a very good job of that today (and sometimes she acts like she’s in grade one, too) but tomorrow is a new day and we are slowly making progress. She’s thankful for her boss who, for the longest time, thought Susan’s hair was shrinking back into her head (“I swear every time I see you your hair looks shorter.”). She’s goofy and funny and keeps the energy bright.

Susan is thankful for agents like Gus who will apologize when they make a mistake and then tell inappropriate jokes all day to make up for it. Maybe other people would be offended but to Susan, it was the most charming, endearing thing in the world. She’s thankful for Sam Amid. No matter how busy the front desk gets and he requires the receptionists help to get his job done,  Sam keeps his cool. He doesn’t yell. He doesn’t put up a fuss. He is nothing but respectful, friendly and polite. A total gentlemen when under pressure.

Susan is thankful for the time Eddie Coleman saved her. He was doing a tour for new agents in the office and this random guy came up to Susan to ask about some panel he was involved in. Susan knew nothing. She sat there with this blank, bizarre look on her face.  But Eddie jumped right in, introduced himself, showed the Panel Guy where to go and hang up his jacket and then just continued moving forward with his tour. It was the most brilliant save Susan has seen in a long time. Eddie Coleman, you are a hero.

Today, she woke up from a nightmare where the MitraMovesYou Team hounded her with tasks that she wasn’t trained for. But when she got to work this morning in real life, they were actually really nice to her and didn’t ask her to do anything she didn’t know how to do already. Susan was so thankful the MitraMovesYou people aren’t like the people in her dreams.

Yesterday, a sad thing happened. Susan doesn’t know how to feel about The Thing, how he treated her or how she treated him. Yesterday, after a heart-numbing ride home on the TTC, she dropped her stuff off at her friend’s condo and went to get groceries for lunch. Right in the middle of the frozen pizza isle, she lost it and started crying. She doesn’t even eat pizza but The Thing did. He ate it a lot. She shook it off, bought her groceries and went home. Susan is thankful she made it through today. It was a little messy but she made it.

Susan is thankful for her pastor, Darryl and his wife, Charlene. The three of them met for  coffee and had some fantastic, heart-healing conversation. These two have some serious integrity and Susan is thankful to call Liberty Grace Church home.

She’s thankful for the apologetic workshop she went to this weekend. Some times when things are tough, you need something firm to stand on. It got her back on her feet again. Of course, Sad Thing from yesterday knocked her down a bit but it would’ve knocked her down a whole lot farther if she didn’t have that workshop and the ammo that fuelled her faith afterwards. It gave her reasons to believe. Thank you.

Susan is thankful for new beginnings, even if she doesn’t understand where it’s going or what this looks like. She’s still thankful.