Susan is so very, very, thankful:

  • For friends and great conversation. Cuticle care and zucchini. Laughter, white bass and  spicy sauce. For people to cook for and nails to do. For Mate Tea Punch and the company that came with it. For fancy dessert from Kensington Market. For Spain, South Africa, Cameroon, and Calgary/various parts of Ontario.
  • For 10 hour sleeps.
  • For new people to meet, theatre to make and nachos to plan over. For plays to write, stories to tell and people to keep you accountable.
  • For Bella and her two boys. Bella was one of the few people Su kept in contact with while she was in TO. Even though updates were shared and FaceTimes happened, there’s still so much to say. Susan is so excited to be staying with them for the next couple months. They will be able to talk about EVERYTHING. Not to mention her two boys who she must also catch up with. There are board games to play, forts to build, and video games to lose (Susan will be doing most of the losing but she talks a good game…) Time is of the essence!
  • For Bella’s two cats. Susan CANNOT wait for kitty cuddles. She has been wanting to cuddle a kitten FOR MONTHS. Now’s her chance. Also, she’s going to be cat-sitting in August. She is going to be smothered by cats everywhere and she cannot wait. Instagram photos will be taken. Kittens will be cuddled. It will be everything she’s ever wanted.
  • For the weddings and events she will be working at on the 21st and 22nd. It will keep her busy and she’s happy to be working with her god-mum, Sherri, who is a fabulous wedding planner, boss and has the most amazing endurance Susan has ever seen. Not even marathoners can keep up with Sherri. Nope. She’s there by 6am and is on her feet running back and forth, lifting, pushing, up and down, here and there. She takes care of the bride and groom making sure their wedding dreams come true. It looks phenomenal. Every little detail is planned perfectly and she is always on the ball. She’s the last person to leave the reception at 3am. Then the next day, she’s the first one to arrive and finish cleaning up! Susan doesn’t know how she does it but she thinks Sherri is secretly apart of the X-Men.  Nobody has that kind of endurance. Nobody but the X-Men.
  • She is thankful for her family who she loves very much. She is looking forward to seeing them and watching movies with her dad again.
  • Susan will be unable to see her church family her first weekend back BUT she is so very, very excited to see them on the 29th. She can’t wait to worship with them again and drink Marlowe Fontaine’s special coffee. You guys, nobody brews a cup of coffee like Marlowe. Nobody. He’s the perfect coffee brewer. Susan doesn’t know how he does it but that man can make a solid cup of coffee.
  • For her internship in the fall. She got her first pick for a community school that is trying all kinds of new things in the field of education. One of Susan’s profs had them go on a tour of the school a couple semesters ago. When the principal was telling them about all the things they are trying with the kids– new methods of pedagogy that are anti-oppressive and diversity-focused, interesting classroom environments, making arts education more cross-curricular– Susan got so excited and was, like, “WE CAN DO THAT HERE?!” Her prof smiled and said, “Yes.” Susan knew, immediately, she wanted to be there. She wasn’t sure if she’d get her first pick when she asked for her internship but she did and Susan is thankful for this. So very, very thankful.
  • Susan is thankful for Toronto. She’s learned a lot while being here. It has been very difficult (oddly enough, not nearly as hard as Regina was but still very hard). Of all the lessons she’s been taught, she’s learned God will help, protect and provide for her. He will also heal her. And this makes all of it worth it.
  • She’s thankful for her Aunty Siobhan and her Uncle David who love Susan very much. They think the sun shines from her butt even when she fails at life. They still love her and do whatever they can to show her this. Susan is so grateful for them.
  • Susan is thankful for another day and now she needs to get to work. So much to do before her flight home!