writing with all my words sitting stagnant at the tip of my fingers i tap tap tap on the keys my chunky gel nails dark cherry dirty french smile pink buffed brown and the sparkly pinky apex too round for short fingers but damn girl that a sexy apex pointy almond almost stiletto shape you got this you got this you got this words of education teaching mistakes and learning mixed in stories of kids who makes me smile family father sister brother juniper juniper juniper don’t run after that rabbit juniper fairy godmother stories of divinity and prostate cancer over Viet Thai the friendly American spills stories of you over a soy latte on New Years drinking alone eating chicken wings from the choo choo snack train shouting obscenities to the soundtrack of Game of Thrones WHO BRINGS RAISINS TO A PARTY and i i i i i i i i i i i i i think think think i i i am in a car with you your books i brought your books your car’s so clean what’s the occasion


stunned under nails where the skin meets the free edge are words words words i lick raw cookie dough (or is it) out from underneath with my tongue teeth jagged picking away sweaty devotion gritty in wet concrete under your pillow more words hardcovered and bound pointier than my nails pinching your belly breathing ear to chest words gurgling rumbling flowing riding lying                                                     with you

fast fiction flows through my gapped teeth in a station wagon I DON’T MIND I DON’T MIND AT ALL Claddagh rings given from dead mothers to lonely daughters heart out for tradition i pull it over my chapped cuticle flip it around and the heart my heart my mother’s heart pointing right at me with white knuckles and gold crown under the little white lies a treasure of hidden words stuck in the same place where the skin meets the free edge and i just can’t scrape them out on my own.