Fielding Project 1.0

I started reading Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding and loved the style so much that I’ve decided to turn it into a writing prompt. Each month is one chapter. I’m going to attempt a “chapter” of my own for the month of February. Got some catching up to do but we’ll get there soon enough. 

GOAL: Write 2-3 times per week.

Friday, Feb. 1st

Minutes on social media: 2 hrs (not g.), social contact: 7 ppl  + staff & students (excellent), pages read: 0 (not g. Too much binging on “The Tunnel” with dad), minutes spent writing: 1hr (v.g.)

Got my first subbing stint for half a day.  Wasn’t sure if I’d even make the list. It took a full month to get all the paperwork and references done. I like to think it’ll be worth it. We did Foodles all afternoon (“Just get them to draw food doing things to other food. I’ve written prompts below… 1. Draw a waffle lifting a cupcake. 2. Draw a potato and a jelly bean on a road trip to a squash farm. 3. Draw a strawberry riding a bicycle with cucumber wheels…. etc.”) I’m not the best at a lot of things but feel half decent at teaching. Perhaps it’s because am a v. bossy person naturally. For now, happy with subbing. Get to choose own schedule, etc.

Haven’t been to Writer’s Group in a while. Need to start writing again. They help me stay on task and even though I don’t like to admit it, writing has gotten better. Fairy tale play needs serious work. Get distracted easily. Need to get over fear of first draft being shit. It is shit. Just get it out. Sort through shit later.

Started reading a bunch of graphic novels and now I can’t stop. I have a ton of chapter books to read from the library but keep placing holds on the next volume of SAGA. Now distracted when it arrives.

Went to prayer retreat with friends tonight. Did a bunch of listening prayer. Studied God’s word first then sat in stillness. I learned in my quiet time that sin is like scum on the bottom of a boat, full of barnacles, seaweed and slimey stuff. It doesn’t wash off easy with water. Need the blood of Jesus to get it out. Scanned my body to see if I was holding sin. Shame all over. Jesus washed the slime off.

Now I feel like I can start dreaming again.

GOALS: (due dates tba)

  1. Sub as often as possible.
  2. Buy a car?
  3. Buy gel nail tech kit ($800-1000)
  4. Do nails from home.
  5. Write story about singleness and boxer roommate at hostel.
  6. Finish first draft of Rotkäppchen.
  7. Sell iPhone.
  8. Learn new monologue. Make it good.
  9. Meet more people. Be a better friend, sister, daughter.
  10. Become a foster mom.
  11. Finish reading:
    • Bridget Jones Diary
    • Into Thin Air
    • Nice is Just a Place in France
    • A Good Man is Hard to Find

Sleepy now. Organize thoughts later.

NOTE TO SELF: Double check due date for library books. Place hold on “The Tunnel.” Pick up holds for SAGA, etc. Get groceries. Order/pick up prescription. Wash face before sleeping.