Fielding Project 1.0: Complete!

Monday, February 25

12pm Subbed at a high school in the north end in this am. Taught grade 9 and 10 English. Totally my jam. The grade 9’s are working on Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. They had to read the prologue and I wanted to see if it we could try and coordinate some kind of spoken word thing as a chorus. Gave each row a line to read together. I asked the one kid who wouldn’t stop talking to chirp out every second word. It didn’t work but was highly amusing “(…old. doth. uh uhhhhh. his. lie. uh. young. gapes. be. heir… I don’t want to do this anymore.”) After, did blackout poetry with the prologue. You can’t go wrong with it. Non-poets sounds fabulous by the end. I was smitten in spite of all the tween-age complaints to tell me otherwise. Y’all became little poets and ya didn’t even know it.

6:30pm Acted in a social work class to help them practice counselling skills. Played a mother in a mixed race marriage (both divorced) with a blended family. Sorting out family issues of favouritism, discipline and household chores. Honestly, a ton of fun. At first when we got into all the problems of the marriage, I was like, damn, I’m so happy I’m single. I don’t have to deal with any of this crap. We had a really good session though so by the end, I was like, damn, I think I could actually do this. Next to grade nine English lit., could marriage be my other jam?

7:30pm Had meeting at Vic’s Tavern to work out logistics of “5 Women Wearing the Same Dress” with Shoulderbirds. Intros. Planned. Prepped. Visit visit visit. Go team, go! So tired by end of day. Climb in car. Drive. Park. Plug car. Thank Dad. Walk back to Nilee’s. Say hi. Shower. Brush teeth. Sleep. Sweet sleep with cat cuddles.

Tuesday, February 26

Subbed all day. Again, taught grade nine English focus on Romeo and Juliet at Regina Christian School. Literally the best thing ever. Bible verses everywhere. Not in legalistic way but tattooed-to-your-heart kinda way. Reminders of God’s love, direction and protection. On the walls. On the whiteboards. On desks. In art. On top of doors just like Moses when God protected the Israelites from the deadly plagues! I was like, wow. This. is. the. best. But even the kids were great.  We got a ton of work done. Made time for 3 assignments in an hour. Double wow! Nobody gave me sass. Nobody complained. Nobody interrupted. Then they have devos in the morning. I could hear them talking in different classes. Some celebrated. Some talked about dreams and goals. Some talked about honour and character. These people are the real deal. They are real Christians trying to live out God’s Word sincerely and obediently. Daaaannnng. I think I found my third jam and it’s a place. Regina Christian School, you da best!!!

Also subbed at another school in Regina in pm. We played drama games. It was a total gong show but survived. Found out that I do so much better when I’m calm and just wait. The only time I had to raise my voice was when a fight almost broke out.

YOU TWO. NO. NO FIGHTING. WE DON’T FIGHT HERE. YOU ARE IN GRADE EIGHT. YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS. WE ARE A TEAM. NOW TAKE A SEAT AND TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON. Thank you… and continued to mediate hormonal 13 year olds into a peace treaty (Ironically, tomorrow will be Pink Shirt Day. We were playing drama games from Theatre of the Oppressed to “celebrate” anti-bullying). It all worked out in the end. Cooled off with a game of Wax Museum and they all left as friends. La dee da dee da.

That evening, I babysat Lady H who is a dream. Lady H and I played all over the house for a couple hours. The only time she got frustrated with me was when I didn’t know what “dentz” meant. She kept saying it over and over again. At one point, she had me pinned on this cushion in the kitchen with her fist in my boob. Dentz, dentz, dentzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Dance? Do you mean, ‘dance’? Do you want to dance? Can you dance without music? I don’t have music. Or do you mean, dent-ures? Dent-ist? Dent-able? You’re teething, right? Do you need something to chew on?

By the time, her mom got home, I was seated in the chair of Lady H’s room. She had a bath and bit into a roll of toilet paper when I wasn’t looking. Now there’s a bite-sized hole in the middle of the roll. Couldn’t find her pj’s. Is just a diaper okay? She was tired but didn’t want to got to bed. So we sat in the chair with the lamplight from the room to keep us kind of illuminated.  I gave her my flip phone to play with. Mom came home. All was well. Found pj’s. Naked Baby Crisis averted.

Thursday, February 28

Finally finished Bridget Jones’s Diary which seems only right since this is the final day of my Fielding Project 1.0. I’m so proud of myself. It sounds silly but I have a hard time finishing things. Just really easily distracted or discouraged. But I’ve resolved to finish as many things as I can, here’s all the stuff I’ve done so far:

  • Finish my B. Ed degree. It should’ve only taken me 2.5 years. Instead, it took me 5. But I did it. I really, really did it.
  • Knit two neck-warmers and two dishcloths.
  • Read SAGA graphic novel, Volume 1, 2 & 3.
  • Read Bridget Jones. Remembered why I love reading.
  • Completed Fielding Project 1.0.

There are plenty of things I still have to finish but this is a good start. Sad to be done. This really helped me write more. I loved it a lot. Felt like I remembered what it was like to be me. Silly, I know but sometimes as an artist I feel like I have to keep up with what everybody else is doing or I have to try and sound really smart or have the best grammar or keep up with the competition. Or do what other people tell me even though they don’t understand what I’m trying to do. While I think we should be respectful and try to do our best and develop a discipline for our work, I don’t think it should bring me away from who I am. I try too hard to make people like me. I care too much about what they think. And when I worry, I try to change things that I like most about myself.

I’m just me and Bridget Jones helped me realize that’s okay.



  1. Apply for Style Academy Scholarship. CHANGED MY MIND. BETTER IDEA AHEAD.
  2. Finish Bridget Jones.
  3. Read poetry for Writers Group.
  4. 7pm Writer’s Group.
  5. Script work (written, hieroglyphs, verbs).
  6. Blog 🙂
  7. Research and budget nail supplies. 
  8. Nap 🙂
  9. YN Acrylic tutorial.


Pay rent tom.