For No Good Reason

I’m subbing in the same Creative Writing 20 class today and it’s another work period so I’m going to make a Thankful List. For no good reason but because I feel like it.

Thankful List

  • I’m thankful for my family. I love them. I’m thankful things are going well.
  • Whenever I go to rehearsals for “5 Women Wearing Dresses,” we do the Chair Exercise from The Method. I don’t fully get what’s happening but we drop tension in our limbs while seated and make weird sound effects like saying “Ha” for a really long time. We try to figure out where we’re at emotionally. Sometimes it’s triggered by something, sometimes our bodies are just releasing weird stuff (that’s my guess but I’m not really sure. Actors love to emote so it’s very cathartic). Anyway, Jess, our director, will come to each of the actors and ask what emotion we’re feeling. More times than not, I’ll sit down do the exercise and find out I’m happy. She doesn’t ask why. That’s not the point of the exercise but it doesn’t matter because I know why. I’m happy to be home. Happy to be playing onstage. Happy to have people to play onstage with. Happy to be a teacher. Happy to be healthy. To have food and a place to stay. To have my dad. To have friends to talk to on the phone or by email. No matter where they are. To have job(s) with great coworkers. To have an income. To have projects to work on. Things to look forward to. People to talk to. Being thankful isn’t about being happy but it sure is a nice by-product.  My prayer this past year was to get back up on my feet. And I think it’s coming true. It’s a slow process but I think it’s really happening. I’m growing up.
  • You guys, I know I say this a lot but I really love my job as a teacher and sub. God was right when He closed doors in Toronto. I was devastated at the time and it took me awhile to feel ‘normal’ again but He did the right thing by sending me home.  I miss Toronto a lot. I miss my church, Liberty Grace. I miss my Aunty Siobhan, David and their dog, Bailey. I miss the subway and the coffeeshops.  I miss my friends and the hustle and bustle of the city. I miss the people and the architecture. I’ve been praying for wisdom on where I should go. Where should I plant myself, Jesus? And I’ve decided until He shakes things up, Regina will be home. At least, for now. Because as thankful as I am for closed doors, I’m also thankful for open ones. If the Lord is willing, He’ll give me the courage to walk through them.
  • If you haven’t noticed, Claws by Susan P is in a bit of a transition period (welcome to the beautiful mess of creativity!) I haven’t talked about nails in awhile. Bear with me. I’m developing the concept a bit. If this plan follows through, it will anchor the blog down and give it a bit more depth. Shall keep you posted 😉
  • I’m thankful for overcast days. I’m thankful for my daisy shirt. For spicy veggie sushi. For rehearsals and friendships. For good days and bad days.  For my dad who has supported me even when I didn’t want him to. For our movie nights and dairy-free Haagen Daaz bars.

Must go. Everyone’s leaving for the weekend and I have rehearsal tonight.