The cast and crew have to write a bio for our show, Five Women in Dresses by Alan Ball. Playing at The Artesian June 27, 28, and 29th. We’re supposed to throw in a line from the play. This is what I have so far:

Bronwyn Angley is an actor, substitute teacher and nail tech. In the play, she is a clumsy lesbian, who smokes pot, drinks, swears a lot and bashes men. She doesn’t feel like this in real life (which is why they call it acting) but wanted to give people a head’s up in case they can’t tell the difference between real life and not real life. Although sometimes, she does admit she feel like yelling, “That f**king s*n of a b*tch” at people on the road or in long line ups. 

No. That doesn’t feel right.

Bronwyn Angley is an actor, substitute teacher and nail tech. She likes to read and tell jokes that nobody laughs at but her. Her hair is brown and she lives life on the edge by knitting blankets and neck warmers without patterns. They often turn out pretty but uneven. She plays Mindy, “who studied behavioural psychology but now sells real estate,” and is so happy to be sharing the stage with this lovely cast.

Close but not quite.

Bronwyn Angley is an actor, substitute teacher and writer. She is currently working on building a podcast around her blog, “Claws by Susan P”. She would like to thank Shoulderbirds for this opportunity. They created an environment in rehearsal where “women could just let themselves be women for a change” and gave the actors room to try, risk, fail and lift each other up. She couldn’t ask for a better cast or crew to work with. 

Yeah. Something like that.