Things-to-Stay-Busy-During-the-Summer List: An Introvert’s Guide

I probably won’t be able to get it all done but will try to do as many as possible.

  • Go to Moose Jaw and sit in the Mineral Spa.
  • Hang out in air conditioned places, like the library.
  • Clean out closet and get rid of clothes that are too big (or tailor them).
  • Go to Value Village and find the best deals.
  • Join a chess club.
  • Find a good open mic night.
  • Buy an MLB hat that has a ponytail hole on the top, or;
  • Buy an MLB hat and cut a ponytail hole in the top.
  • Work at Brain Snacks Co. for the summer.
    1. Hang out with toddlers.
    2. Make a really good cup of coffee.
  • Read:
    1. 3 television pilots or episodes
    2. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
    3. 3 children’s novels
    4. 1 Shakespeare play
    5. 1 or 2 chick-lit novels (maybe more)
    6. Some theory on Theatre of the Oppressed.
  • Go to Pelican Narrows.
  • Go to Pelican Narrows and do someone’s nails.
  • Go to any reserve and do someone’s nails.
  • Do an old person’s nails.
  • Do a sex worker’s nails.
  • Do a trans person’s nails.
  • Do a homeless person’s nails.
  • Do a rich person’s nails.
  • Record all manicures so you can…
  • Produce two more podcasts by the end of August (three in total one for each month: June, July and August).
  • Research grants.
  • Start building T.V. writers room with weekly episodes (Not for t.v. though. For the theatre).
    1. Write rough draft of contract. Present to team and re-write as necessary.
    2. Build inquiry unit.
    3. Create ten writing prompts.
    4. Post-it note plot structure.
    5. Ensemble building exercises (?)
    6. Redesign timeline as a team.
  • Make a sub kit for next year (with games and activities in case all hell breaks loose and I have to come up with something on the fly).
  • Find more drama games, especially Theatre of the Oppressed.
  • Get a cat or just hang out at Excallipurr Cat Cafe for the majority of the day.
  • Complete Underground Seminary course online with friends in Los Angeles.
    1. I want to know what I believe and why.
    2. I want to get really good at defending it.
  • Watch Brene Brown’s special on Netflix.
  • Watch Legally Blonde for decoration tips from Elle Woods.
  • Make another list of favourite movies/t.v. shows I want to (re)watch.
  • Buy fave light pink lip gloss from Mac.
  • Buy better shampoo.
  • Create big button mosaics or Pinterest art for my apartment.
  • Walk around the lake as much as possible and/or find paths in Regina I haven’t walked on yet.
  • Find new music and podcasts to listen to on walks.
  • Knit (even when it’s hot out).
  • Have bubble baths with sparkly rose gold tumbler.
    1. Put favourite cold beverage inside of tumbler.
  • Find out exactly what a student’s rights are in a classroom. Do they have to ask me if they can get a drink of water? Or can they just go get it? What does it mean to have a right to education? What does it mean to be their guardian? What does that involve? What doesn’t it? What kind of rights do teachers have in the classroom? Are they protected from harassment? How?
  • Go to a movie in Melville and/or the drive-in.
  • Practice cooking on friends who don’t mind being guinea pigs.
  • Watch as many baseball games as possible.
    1. Wear MLB hat with ponytail hole while doing it.
  • Finish writing mini-play about Little Red in Regina, SK.
  • Complete List Writing Assignment (end of August).