Lemonade List

I was cranky all day today and it was just so silly. I was upset over stupid mistakes and kept getting mad at myself for it. I know better than to get upset over silly things like this. Every thing I was writing was bitter and kinda mean which isn’t my style.  So I had a bite to eat, watched a couple pick-me-up videos on Youtube, had a nap, got made up and went out. And I felt so much better after. Now I can write a list:

  • Some things haven’t gone as planned and I lost some people that I cared about but I didn’t lose myself in the process and I’m proud of myself for that. They may not like me very much but I’m not devastated. I’m okay.  I like me even if they don’t.
  • Today wasn’t my best day, I admit that but overall, I’m doing really well. All the good things mean more to me than the bad.
  • I tried to make a list of pros and cons to being single and being married. Both sound lovely. I would like to be both. But even if I never get married and remain single for the rest of my life, I know I’m going to be okay.  It’s not a death sentence. God knows what is best for me.
  • I like my life. I like where I’m headed and I like the person I’m becoming.
  • I made a couple clumsy mistakes on my podcast. It was my first one and don’t know much about journalism or audio equipment but I’m proud of what I created. Even the silly mistakes. That’s what makes it charming. Plus, I think it’s hilarious and I’m okay if it’s just me who thinks so.

And now it’s bedtime.