Laurel or Yanny

Thankful Things

    • Even though I was juggling three jobs as I transition from subbing to my summer job, it’s all stuff that I really enjoy so I didn’t mind one bit. Each place I work at have great staff and I love what I do whether that be teaching, box office-ing, taking care of kids or making coffee. It’s a total blessing to work with the people I do.
    • The whole cast and crew performed Five Women in Dresses. I hadn’t performed in a play since 2012. Seven years ago. I wasn’t sure if I could still do it. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to memorize all my lines. That I’d freeze and forget. Or just space out. Even though I know where I made mistakes and I want to work on being more consistent each night, I MADE IT. I SURVIVED AND I’m very proud of that. Also, it was answered prayer.
      • Full disclosure. My self esteem had taken a huge hit earlier this year because of some losses. In an education class, one of my profs told us that of all the things to raise a child’s self esteem and motivation for activities, she/he needs a mastery experience. Something they know they can do and do really well. It’s not a compliment. It’s not a gift. It’s not a good grade. It’s doing something you are proud of. Something that makes you feel good. Something you love. I prayed for a mastery experience. Acting is this for me. And the character I played was described to me by Jessica Gares, our director, as the most confident version of myself so even though I didn’t always feel confident, I pretended for the sake of the play and it helped immensely. I even got to rant about stuff. It was perfect. Everything about the production was perfect. The cast and crew,  the atmosphere, the company, the producers, the friendships, the busy-ness. It was everything I needed. I’m so very thankful for this show and the people in it.
  • Moving into my new place was surprisingly smooth. My dad and a couple friends helped. It was easy to unpack, clean and assemble. I feel very much at home. It’s everything I daydreamed about. I’m thiiiiiiis close to being a real life Kathleen Turner from Romancing the Stone.  Just need a couple plants, a cat, vases and fluffy pillows.
  • I’m working at Brain Snacks Co. as a childminder and barista. I’ve never had bosses like Donna or Ali before. Like, they empower us to do things we’re good at and let us try out different ideas. They give us room to make mistakes and try again. It means so much.  I’m learning about marketing, policies and procedures, calendars and event planning, how small businesses run and leadership. I absolutely love it. Plus, I get to play with kids and drink award-winning coffee all day in a gorgeous little cafe.
    • Today, a preschool kid drew a picture of a penguin. I mean, I had to pretend it was the tall, skinny penguin with flapper feet he said it was and not the penis it looked like. We put all the artwork up and I let the kids choose where they want to tape it so now there’s a skinny green penis taped to the play structure. Oh well, his mother appreciated it and if she’s okay with it, I’m okay with it. Maybe she sees the penguin better than I do. Kinda like Laurel or Yanny. She sees a penguin. I see a pee-pee.
    • Also, a kid walked into a glass door today. No one was hurt but it was extremely entertaining.
  • Made supper for my dad and I. Fish and chips. It was a success.
  • Published my first episode for Claws by Susan P. It was messy but I liked it. Now that the show is over,  I’ll be able to make more episodes. At least, one per month is my goal. Aaaaaaaaaand I’ll be able to do more lists! Yay! And start building my writers’ room project.  Double yay!