Azael Klauss and Other Unexplained Mysteries

  • In high school, I was warned that the only things guys think about is sex. It’s non-stop on their minds because of hormones and whatever (I feel like this is a phase they never really grow out of…) but have you ever wondered what that sounds like? Is it just the word, “sex,” repeated over and over? Like a pop-up ad that never goes away? Or is it flashes of sexy images that make them blink alot? Or are they like a piano string that is really tense, no real thoughts just white knuckle tension?  I have been trying to figure this out for YEARS and no one has been able to explain it to me. I dont think guys even really know.
  •  Have you ever wondered why leftovers taste better on the second day?
  • When you’re eating a meal with people you don’t know very well, have you ever wonder why conversation is better after you’ve eaten?
  • Have you ever wondered how girls’ period sync up? Is it pheromones? Do our ovaries whisper to each other at a frequency that even dogs can’t hear? Hooooowww???
  • Does anyone know who Azael Klauss is? He followed me twice on Instagram and when he did it for the second time I tried following him, but he denied my request. So I decided to get to the bottom of this, messaged him and said, “Hi! Do we know each other?” To which he replied, “Um, I don’t think so” and then he blocked me. It was super weird. If anyone knows anything, please fill me in.
  • Have you ever wondered why explaining a meme is never as funny as looking at the meme?
  • Have you ever wondered what Jesus did in His tomb for three days before he was resurrected? Did he just lay there? Or did he go to the Underworld like Gandalf and beat dragons?
  • When I was in Toronto, I rarely saw any roadkill. Like no dead squirrels and came to the conclusion they have really cunning squirrels. Have you ever wondered why the squirrels in one city are smarter than squirrels in another?
  • Does anyone else prolong getting out of the car to sit and look at memes? Why do we do that?