Blessings in Disguise

Hey lovely readers, so I realize I haven’t been able to keep up with my writing prompt lately. Things have been very busy but over all very good. Things likely will not slow down any time soon. This is great news in so many ways but also requires some shuffling around of priorities. At this point in time, I consider it an accomplishment if I can get at least one post in a week. So again, I will have to adapt my writing prompt and drop it down to once a week, rather than 5-7 like I had initially planned.

Thankful List:

  • CON: I’m overwhelmed with a lot of new responsibilities. PRO: They are new and challenging but also empowering. I’m learning new skills.
  • My podcast is developing and new opportunities are coming out of it. Had a great visit with friends on Sunday. Looking forward to editing it and publishing soon.
  • Love new apartment.
  • Love bathtub. Love having baths in bathtub.
  • Even though I’m very hormonal and cranky, I know everything will be okay in a couple days when I get my period and I’m much less irritable. But because I’m hungry a lot and a bit bloated, I fill out my army pants nicely and my ba-donka donk looks fabulous.
  • My hair looks good.
  • I’m thankful for my little fan that keeps me cool in any room I put it in.
  • I’m thankful for walks in the neighbourhood, for food in my belly, for financial advisors who teach me how to budget well, for my job that is busy and full of community, for good problem solving, for Neostrata glycolic renewal lotion, for makeup, for the Soda Stream I bought on sale a couple weeks ago, and those caramel protein balls at work, for old soup that I get to take home, for my bosses, for their coaching and gentle guidance, for prayer, for God’s help when I need it, for His help in problem solving, for antihistamines, for bedtime which is what time it is right now.

Night, night.