Patience is a Virtue

I am thankful for conflict resolution and kind hearts. I am thankful for growing pains. I am thankful for times when God humbles me. When He reminds me to mind my own business and stay focused. I am thankful for targets to focus on, for boundaries, for communication, for softness of heart, for teammates who look out for each other. For tough conversations with peaceful endings. I am thankful for people who persevere and who show character and maturity in the midst of it.

I am thankful for friends I can pray with. Who remind me of God’s goodness and offer encouragement. I am thankful for the church I found in the hood of Regina. I am thankful for the small group I belong to with friends in LA. Hearing their American accents over the phone and the conversations of theology and apologetics reminded me of all the fond memories I have of LA and the people in it. I freaking love that city and even if I never get a chance to go back again, I’m thankful for the time I did spend there.

I am thankful for food in my belly.

I am thankful for my apartment where I can host friends for game night or collaborators on new projects. I’m thankful for other artists who dream and hustle. Who have goals and targets and want to keep trying. I’m thankful for sticky notes to plant our ideas and brainstorm. I’m thankful for story ideas and writing prompts. I have so much to learn about servant leadership (and I have a feeling it’ll be a lot of trial and error) but I’m very thankful for people who’ve signed on to get these things rolling.  I legit couldn’t make these things happen without them.

I keep praying God will help me steward all these things well. I really want to grow up.

I am thankful for cancelled plans. I looked and smelled fantastic when the plans fell apart so I put on my favourite capris and soft flower t-shirt (rather than the sexy outfit I had planned), went for a walk and listened to Persuasion by Jane Austen. I spent the night in my own company, listening to chapter 8 (which begins so beautifully it makes my heart ache). I’m thankful because I could just be me and not have to worry about making a good impression.

I am thankful for relationship books that teach me how to handle this dating stuff. I’m still learning but I’m getting a lot of practice.  I’m thankful because I’m learning how to pace myself, what self respect looks like, how to weed out guys who just want sex or to waste my time, even a bit of resilience. I’m imperfect at it, but growing.

I’m thankful for my podcast. When I do have time to work on it, I could sit there for a LONG time playing with it. I’m almost done the second episode and am looking forward to publishing it. I’m looking forward to the next steps.