Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly: To Dye or Not to Dye

Why I want to dye my hair lavender blue:

  • Ever since I saw Meryl Streep pull off blue hair in “Into The Woods”, I’ve wanted to do it too. Not when she’s the ragged witch of the lagoon but when she’s youthful and badass. Her hair has volume and dimension and tone. I mean, it’s probs a wig and it was totally styled but damn. It looks so good. I want Meryl’s hair.
  • In the last show I was in, my director had green hair and one of my fellow actors had blue hair. At the coffee shop I work at, one of the girls has bright pink hair. I love how bold, unapologetic and free-spirited the look is. Almost everytime I talk with these ladies about their hair (which was a lot) I sigh and then, I’d talk about Meryl, how much I love her hair and how badly I want to do it, too.
  • I’m terrified to do it which is so odd because I wasn’t this scared when I moved to Toronto or any other move but I’m terrified to colour my hair a bright colour. Isn’t that weird? It’s just hair. I can always dye it back. I remember Michelle Sereda telling my acting class about this performance art show where people come into a barber shop and get their hair cut by 5 year olds. Some people let the kindergarteners just go for it and have complete creative license. Others can’t do it without trying to control the kids. And others wouldn’t trust the kids to cut their hair for a second. It examined how much value and trust we put into our kids choices. I don’t know what I’d do if I were asked to be a part of that show. My liberal artistic brain says let the kid have his/her way. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.But my teacher brain has watched kinder kids try to make Shape Monsters with construction paper and it’s just a bunch of frayed blobs so I really don’t know if I’d trust them with a pair of scissors.
  • My Aunty Siobhan was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. She and I spent a lot if time together when I was in Toronto. She’s always had my back and supports me no matter what I do. We don’t know what stage the cancer is. She hasn’t said and I don’t want to push her to tell me but she goes into surgery on the 14th. She loves my hair so I don’t know if she’d approve of the colour change but with her diagnosis, I’m realizing life is too short to shy away from things I’m scared of.
  • The biggest thing I’m scared of is what people with think… But that’s the thing I like about it the most. It’s so brave and makes me feel like what people think doesn’t matter.
  • I have a date today and another tomorrow. The dude today will see me as a brunette but the dude tomorrow will see me as lavender blue. I feel like I should warn him that my hair is going to be very different from my profile pics. I wonder what my dates will say? Will I still get dates after I dye my hair? Will dudes still ask me out? I might be “too much” for them. I don’t know if guys want to take a lavender-headed person home to meet thier parents but you know that’s okay. It’s too soon for that right now. I’m just practicing dating right now and when the right guy comes along, I can go back to brunette before meeting his parents. Unless his parents are also free spirits, in which case, all the better. At least, if the guy meets me when my hair is wild, he will more accurately get an idea of who I am on the inside. So in a way, it’s better advertising. Lavender-blue hair says, “Adventure within.” Some dudes like that. Some dudes don’t. I need a dude that loves Jesus and adventures but also naps and gluten-free crumpets. I don’t know if lavender-blue hair can say all that at once but it will certainly make a statement.
  • Even if dudes stop asking me out, that’s okay. I like being single too.
  • The Little Mermaid is my fave Disney movie. Even though Ariel is a redhead, I think I might look like mermaid and that is, basically, a dream.