Things I Do

Before I get into my list of Thankful Things, I’ve decided to use the month of September to really dig into my writing prompt. I know the prompt was only till the end of August but I love lists and I just didn’t have the time to write as much as I wanted to this summer. So I’m going to try this again for September. The prompt shall go as follows:

Write 3-5 thankful lists or any list per week. 

Today is Wednesday. So I’ve got a couple days to hit this goal and there is no time like the present.

Thankful Things

  • We’re back to school. It’s only the second day and I’m already subbing. I missed it so much!
  • I thought of applying for this receptionist job with a law firm because I’m so intrigued by law and how it works and what lawyers actually do. But today, I taught a bunch of grade 9’s and 10’s english and drama and that plan flew out the window. I was just so happy to be back. I don’t know why. The school I was at was one of the schools that kicked my butt last year as a sub but today was lovely. I had a lot of fun. I missed this so much!
  • Today a grade nine tried to leave class early so she could get her gym shoes. Apparently, it takes her a really long time to put them on. I was like, suuuuuuuure, you can leave but you have to give me ten names of people in your class. I knew this would be hard for her because she did NOT pay attention during the Name Game activity. She eventually did it but she had to ask everyone their names again and that was very entertaining but also very satisfying. And thus, why I’m thankful. *insert evil laugh here*
  • I’m thankful for guacamole. Oh my gosh. I love guacamole. It’s dreadful how much I love guacamole.
  • I sat in on a Transitions class and the teacher had this, like, whole stand-up routine down. Telling stories, talking about Netflix and her love for Will Smith. How her husband knows but it could never be because Will’s married to Jada. But she still loves him anyway.  She was full of these brilliant quips. I was dying. She was so funny! But her crowd was dead. Crickets. Those grade 10s gave her nothing. No sign of life. And I was just like, this lady deserves an award! She kept the energy up the entire time she was up there. I’m thankful for her because she brought so much life to the class and you could tell she loves her job. Even though the kids never said it outloud, you could tell they love and respect her, too.
  • I’m thankful for my kindergarten teacher that I ran into at Safeway. She gave me a hug and a quick chat before I had to run back to school.
  • I’m thankful for Kathleen Wall and Bill Ursel who let me cat-sit for them and write stories about their cats. It was completely self-indulgent but it was fun so whatever.
  • I’m thankful that I get the chance to create my own content and produce it. That was always the dream.
  • I’m thankful that I’m getting ready to FINALLY launch my nail business. It took me so long to figure out what I was doing with it and now I know. I finally got my CosmoProf membership which allows me to get a bunch of professional nail supplies. Soon I’ll be able to offer shellac and dip powder and I can’t wait!
  • I know life isn’t about these material things but when you know what it’s like to not have stuff, it makes having it so much more meaningful.
  • God has been so good to me and I don’t deserve it at all. He has literally rebuilt me and restored so much of what I lost. Again, I know that’s not what the Christian journey is about but He legitimately got me back on my feet again and I can’t take any credit for it.  I was so determined to have things my way but my life got shook upside down a couple times and He redirected me again and again. Each redirection was so painful but so necessary. I don’t understand the purpose of the things that happened. They still hurt but of all the things I’ve been blessed with, the strength and comfort I got from Jesus during this time means more to me than everything I have now. I don’t deserve any of the things God’s given me (I could give you the names of a couple people who would tell you just how selfish I really am…)  but Jesus has never given up on me. I’m so thankful for this.
  • I may not have a boyfriend, I may not have kids, I may not have a big house, I may not be rich but I have what I need and lots of people to meet and spend time with. My life is full and I’m so thankful. It’s easy to see all the things I don’t have but I hope these Thankful Lists will help me remember all the things I do.