Badger Blessings

I am thankful for quiet mornings with coffee and my Abide app. For mornings to tackle some of my to-do list but mostly just sit around and think, think, think like Winnie-the-Pooh.

I am thankful for Campbell Collegiate. They have such a cool library. I kinda drooled when I saw all the books. They even have The Walking Dead graphic novels. Like, whaaaaaat?!

And, like, the kids and staff are pretty nice, too.

I am thankful for the Regina Public School Teacher Association (RPSTA). I went to one of the meetings today and kinda got signed up to attend one of the meetings in Saskatoon. Nobody wanted to go. They asked if I would be interested. I feel very unqualified but said yes and now I have a lot of reading to do on policies and rights and stuff. I’m thankful cuz this is pretty cool opportunity but mostly because the whole team was very welcoming and patient answering my questions.

I’m thankful for surprise hellos and hugs in Safeway. I ran into one of my theater instructors and a neighbour. They both gave me hugs. I don’t know why Safeway is the place where I’m getting lots of hugs (my kindergarten teacher hugged me there yesterday) but I guess it’s a thing now. Go to Safeway for their produce but stay for the hugs and visits.

I’m thankful for potlucks and bible study. For humble hearts and good company. For conversations about Truth & Reconciliation that go hand-in-hand with Jesus’s mission. It was— ‘encouraging’ doesn’t feel like strong enough of a word– heart-warming? Heart-softening? Safe? Confirming? Maybe all of the above.

Right now I’m writing this post at The Fat Badger while Ink Road and Donnie Jay play in the background. I don’t listen to enough live music. This was my attempt to remedy this. I also have this bizarre fantasy where I go to a bar by myself, drink soda and knit. I don’t talk to anyone. I just look really good with my glasses on and knit. Then I go home by myself. That’s it. Lame to some but, like, whatever. It’s on my bucket list. I didn’t realize till after I sat down that this could’ve been my chance. Everything was in place except I forgot my knitting!!! Oh well. The music was really good and I got some writing done.

So yeah, I’m thankful.