Boopity Boo Boo

I am thankful for:

  • Globe Theatre School – We had a PD day for all the teachers. Listen to Dis Community Arts Organization came in to chat about how they create, what they are passionate about and why. Then we brainstormed and dreamed for the future. I’ve taught in the outreach program and in other school contexts but it’ll be my first year teaching in the theatre school. I’m excited about it!
  • Leaders who show a softness of heart to feedback. What is it that Brene Brown says? “Strong back, soft heart”? Something like that. I’m thankful for leaders who show that steady strength and humility. It makes me want to be like that, too.
  • For Tiffany who worked my box office shift so I could go to the theatre school thing.
  • Game Night with friends. It’s been our dedicated thing every Friday night. We get together, nerd out and play games. Having people I can be myself with.
  • My dad. We watched Hot Fuzz earlier this week and he loved it. I like to see my dad laugh. When he thinks something is funny, you know. He’s the guy every comedian wants in his/her audience because his laugh is full and contagious. I’m thankful for dad’s laugh.
  • Yesterday, I went for training at CJTR Community Radio so I could learn how to be on air. Amber Goodwyn did a great job of training us. My brain went a little blank after awhile (I think she noticed). When one of the staff came to introduce himself, he gave me a very firm handshake. But it was like really, really firm and kinda shook my whole body and I kinda cough-grunted. Like, “uh-huh” but, like, from the base of your belly. So deep, cavemen *cough-grunt*. Anyway, this handshake happened right as I was introducing myself so it came out like, “I’m Br-uh-huh-nwyn.” I played it off like I meant to do that even though I didn’t. I’m thankful for this moment because ever since it happened, I wanted to blog about it.
  • Did you know there’s a show on CJTR called “Monkey Paw”? Where newbies train on live air? Apparently, people tune in because they think it’s funny (The other newbie and I were trying really hard okay???). I’m thankful for this because now I’m going to listen to the next generation of newbies and laugh at them, too.
  • I just finished a project writing a bunch of lesson plans for a client. It had a bunch of visual art lessons for preschool kids and toddlers. You know what? Preschool is where it’s at. There’s a learning outcome where all the kid has to do is show awe & wonder.  You get marks for being curious. The whole curriculum is about process, not product. IT’S SO COOL. Like, you just get to experiment every day and play. Paint with a stick. Paint with a bath louf. Paint with a toy truck. Paint with a potato. Look at this leaf. It’s dead. Let’s paint with it. I love preschool. Once, I played a game with a toddler where we threw each member of the Paw Patrol into a huge donut poof (usually you sit on them). I don’t know who was more entertained. Her or me. I am so thankful for preschool kids. They are altogether terrifying and hilarious.
  • After work, I went for a walk, sang like nobody is listening, got my period, had a nap, went to Safeway, and got hugged AGAIN. You guys, if you are ever needing a hug, just go to Safeway. They give hugs for free there.
  • I know other girls hate getting their periods but for some reason, my body just loves it. It lets all the toxins out and I feel ah-mazing. My skin is happier, my brain is happier, I sleep like a baby, I can digest my food and deflate like 2 sizes. It’s just great. I literally dance. It feels so good. Then I take selfies soooooo yeah. I’m thankful for my period. Boopity boo boo.

I’m gonna do my nails now and watch Galavant on Netflix. Night, night!