Crawl Into It

I am thankful for rainy days and roasted cauliflower. For meal plans and ten-minute naps. For a quiet apartment.

For dip powder and clean tubs to bath in.

For “Chicago” at the Globe Theatre. I’m a fan of anything Stephanie Graham creates. I don’t know. Maybe all choreographers are like this but there are so many different ways to move and all of the ways Stephanie puts them together, is like whoa. How did you do that? I said that to myself a lot during the show. Anyway, it’s such a strong ensemble. I can’t pick one character that I love the most. I love them all. Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, Billy Flynn, Roxie, etc. But I’m thankful for Velma because her body confidence is contagious.

For the children’s ministry at church.  We had a kick-off today and I’m looking forward to hanging out with those kids every Monday.

I have been counting down the hours till bedtime so I’m thankful for my bed and how good it’s going to feel to crawl into it later.