Bricks & Leaves

I am thankful for “Pencil Crayons” by Robert Currie. For questions for understanding and realizing I don’t understand. Still, I’m thankful I’m an actor so I can pretend like I do. But I’m even more thankful for educational assistants who actually know the answer. For laptops and batteries. For binders of Law 30. I didn’t teach it but I read it and it makes me wish I knew it. For CJTR, for quick hellos, for rearrangements, for more training, for pre-recording studios, for catch-me-if-I-falls. For deep sleep naps. For long walks to get errands done. For my FitnessPal. For cod, zucchini and onions.

For arts and crafts with little ones. For basketballs. I don’t know how to dribble but if I did, it would look like Frankenstein petting a llama. For paper doves and reminders of peace. For a couple games of pick-up sticks with a six-year-old with tape in his hair. Whenever he found an easy stick to pick, I’d say, “Good call!” and after that he kept repeating it and reminding me of how good he was at making calls. For the paper he gave me with nothing but his name. For his hug before he caught a ride home with the other kids in the van.

For phone calls with my sister on Sunday. For plans to visit her in Edmonton. For Bridget Jones Baby. It’s a bad movie but it’s my kinda bad.

For mornings to do housekeeping and refresh my hair with red conditioner so it tones out the green from before. If I part my hair in the middle, I look like Tina Fey. I’m thankful for that. For leaves on Albert Street. For cloudy afternoons with muggy air. For air conditioning to tone out the humidity. For bricks and interesting architecture. For teenagers who talk so softly they remind me of the chick from Pitch Perfect who ate her twin sister in the womb. For resources to teach me math again. For Google to help me. For the grade 9 boys I hung out with in period 5. They introduced themselves so sweetly and worked the ENTIRE period. Either that or they faked it really well. I think maybe two of them were faking it but they were too quick for me to catch them changing window tabs on their Chromebooks.

For the nice Christian lady who gave me a cocktail of painkillers to help with a migraine. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be writing this if it weren’t for her. I probably wouldn’t even have made it to my shift at the Globe tonight. Did you know if you mix extra strength Tylenol with extra strength Ibuprofen, you will feel great? My eyes feel like they are floating. God bless nice Christian ladies who also deal drugs.

Thank you for bed. It’s bedtime for me.