End of Thankful Project… For Now

It’s the end of September and I have completed my goal of posting a list 3-5 times per week. This will be my last post for the week (I took my second post down… long story). For the month of October, I’ll be taking a break from blogging to get re-prioritized. I’m looking forward to it because even I am annoying myself with all this self-promotion.

For my last list, here are some random thoughts and thankfulness:

I am thankful for how well the drama class I taught at the Globe went today. We played a lot of icebreaker and drama games. We played a memory game where we each put our favourite food into a sandwich. The person would say the food and add an action to it. Then you have to repeat it in a circle. So I was Pickles, the next kid was Kraft Dinner and the one beside him was Mayo and so on and so forth. So you’d go “Pickles!…Pickles, Kraft Dinner!… Pickles, Kraft Dinner, Mayo!…” etc. I don’t remember any of their real names so we might have to play the game over again. So the game failed in the sense that no one knows each other’s real name but succeeded for fun value.

I’m thankful for Five Alarm Funk and Too Many Zooz. For girls’ night out, quiet pubs, club sodas with lime juice and a ball of knitting.

I’m thankful for times when I’m wrong… Today, I had a bad attitude while I was subbing but after talking with the person about it, we both apologized and ended up laughing in the end.

A couple days ago, I posted a long story about going back to church and beginning the reconciliation process (I have no clue what I’m doing btw. It could work or it could be a total disaster). I was concerned the post would cause more problems than good so I took it down. At the time, I was frustrated and hurt and wanted to tell my side of the story but I’m concerned I was a wolf in sheep’s clothing because I was pretending everything was okay when it wasn’t…If I did cause offense, I hope those readers would come talk to me so we can discuss it. I would be very grateful for that discussion.

I’m thankful for blankets and hot baths.

I am thankful for the month of October to get focused again. This thankful project was helpful and challenging but also felt very contrived at times. Perhaps that’s the discipline of it. Or perhaps it was my own pride and vanity… Maybe it was all three. I don’t know but I’ll take some time to think about it in October. At least I got through it and I’m thankful for that!