More Time

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay so I’ve tried many times this past week to write the next part of the story where Heggy teaches Myrtle dating etiquette. But the more I get into it, the more I get lost in the details and I need to take some time to plot it out. I’m finding that if I don’t plan it, I miss details and it’s very hard to fix those mistakes later. Plus, with my podcast taking off, I have a bunch of deadlines that I need to meet and it takes a lot of time to put together. Unfortunately, this means the story isn’t going to be finished by my 32nd birthday like I initially promised. I want to finish the story of Esther/Myrtle (god-willing). It’s just going to take more time than I thought.

Ugh. I hate when I don’t meet the goal I planned but I want to take my time with this and not rush it.

Thanks for your patience and I’ll keep you posted as we go!