Traitor Poetry

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve got a bit of writer’s block so I’m going to try playing with Epitaph Poetry in the next part of the story: a) because two people die, and; b) It’s short and sweet.

AUTHOR’S NOTE (WITHIN A NOTE): I’m definitely not a poet but I like to own that fact and if I’m going to write bad poetry, then I’m going to write it poorly at full throttle. My hope is it’ll get me out of my writer’s block.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • I’m re-telling the story of Esther but with cats. It takes place in a cat cafe called The Castle. 
  • For the purposes of this story, I’ve changed Esther’s name to Myrtle (Esther’s real name means ‘Haddassah,’ which is a type of tree. ‘Myrtle’ is another name for ‘Haddassah’). 
  • Nobody knows she’s Jewish.
  • Myrtle just had a date with King Zirk. It went well. They got married and he made her queen. Myrtle is beloved by all. 
  • That’s where we last ended.
  • The next part involves Morty, Myrtle’s uncle. It a minor plot point but it comes back later so it’s worth mentioning.  
  • One day, Morty’s chilling by the king’s front gate. Two eunuchs are pissy at the king (we don’t know what they are pissy about but they are mad enough that the want to kill him). They don’t know Morty’s there and he hears them plan to assassinate King Zirk. Morty tells Esther who tells the King. There’s an investigation and they find out that it’s true. The two eunuchs are executed in the gallows. 

Write Epitaph poetry for the two eunuchs who died.

1.Here lie two eunuchs,

    Hung by their tunics. 

2. “Plan to fail or fail to plan,

     Suck at both, you’re a dead man.”

                       -Bigthana, a failed assassin.

3. Here lies Mister Teresh,

    He’s dead and laid to rest.

(but ‘rest’ is pronounced ‘resh-t’)

4. Warning! Traitors are not innovators.