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Here’s a quick catch-up on the story of Myrtle/Esther.  I’m sure I’ve done this before but it’s been a while so I’ll do it again.

  • Myrtle is an orphan. Her uncle, Morty, has been taking care of her. They both came from a farm and made the journey to Regina. 
  • *in the real story, Esther and Mordecai are cousins. Not uncle=niece (my bad). But Mordecai adopted and treated her as his daughter. 
  • The story takes place Regina, Saskatchewan, in cat cafe called, The Castle.
  • They are Jewish (please suspend your disbelief that a cat could believe in anything other than themselves. For there is no proof to say that they do not. Therefore, I do believe a cat could, indeed, believe in God). 
  • Most cats at the Castle are not Jewish. I need to figure out exactly what they are but they are most certainly not Jewish. 
  • Myrtle befriends Heggy, The Castle’s part-time manager and full-time stylist. He teaches her how to win King Zirk (a very handsome manly, man cat). They fall in love and get married. 
  • There’s a point that I neglected to mention. In the story of Esther in the bible, just before she goes to meet the king, the author writes this gorgeous entrance for her. It’s one of the most poetic parts of the whole story, “The time came for Esther to go to the king. Esther — the daughter of Abihail and the cousin of Mordecai, who had adopted her as his daughter; Esther — admired by everyone who saw her.” 
  • Whoever wrote this part absolutely adores her. The words ooze with honor and affection for Esther. She’s introduced by her family, adoption, and how beloved she is by the community. She’s not a lonely single isolated from society. She is deeply loved by her family and friends. The writer sets her up as a treasure before the crown is even set on her head. 
  • I also love the marriage between the king and Esther. They are individual but match each other beautifully. I know gender politics is very controversial these days but for me, I love the way masculinity and femininity is presented in this story. It’s just my style. Esther doesn’t pursue the king. She knows her worth. She knows how loved she is. She lets him be the king that he is and pursue her. She doesn’t try to talk him into choosing her. She doesn’t get desperate or competitive. She is comfortable with who she is. She doesn’t need the king to be happy. She just wants the king. And I just love/admire that. 
  • Everything about this part makes me feel like I did when I was a little girl. It softens my heart and makes me believe in fairy tales again. 
  • Then Morty is promoted to an office in the palace and saves the king’s life when he hears of two disgruntled eunuchs who plan to kill King Zirk. He reports it, there’s an investigation, they are found guilty and hung in the gallows. This gets written into the history books. 
  • It’s not huge plot point but comes up later so it’s important to note. 

Which brings us to Haman, the Neo-Nazi. 

But we’ll have to get to that part later. I legit need to go to bed. I had such a great day and spent the majority of it being creative with friends and children. It was so much fun but I want to go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Later gators.