Curled Up

Here are all the things I’m grateful:

  • This week I wanted to tell stories of what being a teacher is like and shared a post I wrote about some of the kids I’ve taught. Telling stories about things that matter, especially poverty and racism, are the kinds of stories I want to tell. However, after writing it, I was worried I put the kids I told the story about in a situation that may not be helpful or safe. I decided to take the post down. While I’m still uncertain if I did the right thing or just succumbed to fear, I’m thankful I took the time to write it. I learned some things about myself and saw areas where I’ve grown. So it wasn’t a complete waste.
  • My sister is safe and healthy after travelling to Japan recently.
  • I don’t know what to make of this coronavirus stuff but I’m thankful for prayer and the focus and peace Jesus offers in the midst of it.
  • I made a couple mistakes earlier today but I’m starting to catch when my anxiety is getting out of control. That’s a win. A small, imperfect win but a win nonetheless.
  • Aaaand I’m starting to catch when I’m compromising my worth or value to accommodate men who don’t care. Again, the catch was imperfect (and a little humbling) but it’s slowly starting to click. Even when I screwed up, it didn’t break me. Another win!
  • My podcast is likely going to look a little different due to the fact that people are terrified of holding hands (and my entire podcast is about people getting manicures and telling their stories). Nonetheless, I’m thankful that I got two interviews done before the coronavirus took off and I think I can make lemonade by telling my own stories for the rest of the season. Which I actually really enjoyed so, yeah, should be good!
  • I’m thankful for a full belly.
  • I’m thankful for a good night’s rest and retinol.
  • I’m thankful for a warm apartment.
  • I’m thankful for writing.
  • I’m thankful for my baby blanket. It’s falling apart, ripped, frayed and curled up into this little ball, but it’s still here and I’m so happy it is. I love this thing.
  • I’m almost done my module on conveyancing in my online course! I don’t understand everything but I understand most things and I’m thankful for that. Plus, the next module is about criminal and family law and I’m VERY excited about that!