Cracked Nuts

I’m thankful for:

  • Instagram stories. Today I found out that two friends got married. They met at the Parkdale Hostellerie when I was there. Nina was my roommate and she married one of the Brazilians who once called “The Nutcracker,” “Cracked Nuts” and I’ve never wanted to see a ballet more than when he renamed it. Anyway, at the very beginning, when he first came to Canada, he was just starting to speak English. When he met Nina, his English got infinitely better. Hearing they got married made my day!
  • Church over FB live and Zoom. On Sunday, I got a chance to attend two services. One took place in Regina (Compass East Church) and the other was in Toronto (Liberty Grace Church). Both were comforting and encouraging. After the service in Toronto, I connected with a friend. It was so good to see/hear her and her husband if only by technology. When I first moved there, she let me live with her and her fiancee. We served on the worship team together. They led worship over Zoom and I was right there with them. They own a house now and are trying to start a family. I was so happy to get an update. Gosh. I miss them and TO so much.
  • More Zoom. I had a good visit with a friend today who lives in Denver. We met in LA and I used to sleep on her couch after bible study because it would’ve taken me over an hour to get home. She had the most gorgeous roommate. He was/is (?) an actor/model. He rarely understood why I was sleeping on his couch but he was one of the many reasons I loved bible study and why I never protested sleeping over. I don’t remember him attending the studies but he was my favourite part of waking up. He had to walk through the living room to get to the fridge for Gatorade or whatever heavenly elixir he drank in the morning. I was IN the living room so that was very exciting… Anyway, I’m thankful for my friend in Denver because we got caught up. And reminded me of all the things I love about LA.
  • Because I live alone, I try to fill up my schedule so I have at least one visit a day over the phone. So far I’m doing pretty good and I’m thankful for that. Tomorrow I’ll visit with one of my creative writing profs (who is very motherly and caring) and then I’m joining this virtual “supper” with friends in LA that I haven’t seen in forever. I’m excited for both! This quarantine makes me sincerely grateful for friends.
  • For people I can ask for prayer from.
  • I’m grateful for the way people pull together when bad things happen.
  • For walks and exercise.
  • I’m not sure if these are psycho-somatic symptoms or not but I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I’m not thrilled about this but will lay low for the next couple days to rest. I’m grateful for the rest.
  • I have much more to be thankful for but I’m too tired write more.

Night, night!