I am thankful for:

  • Books and reading. For Catherine’s crush on Mr. Tilney and her friendship with Isabella. For Catherine’s delight and love for “horrid” novels and the way Jane introduces Mrs. Allen.
  • Naps. Yesterday I was worried I was getting sick so I stayed home from my early morning stock job today just in case. After a couple of naps, I feel fantastic and if work will have me, I hope to be back tomorrow.
  • Service over Spotlight. Yesterday, one of my bosses cooked all of the staff breakfast. Just because he wanted to. He asked if I wanted some, I said thank you but couldn’t because of food intolerances. Then he offered to cook whatever I can eat next time and was adamant about even putting the gluten-free toast in the toaster for me. After all this, he even cleaned up after (which should be a punishable crime. If you cook for people, the people who eat it should clean for you! It seems only fair). So many people at London Drugs have these servant hearts that I admire. When you ask for help, they’ll stop what they are doing to help you. I hope they rub off on me.
  • Reminders. I recorded my testimony. It was longer than necessary. Ba ha ha. It’s not the right time to share it right now BUT I’m thankful that it reminded me of all the ways Jesus has changed me. It was a lovely review and reminder of progress.
  • Readings. Today, I recorded myself reading a book. I missed saying pretty words. This reminded me of that. More of the content sticks if I say it outloud. So that’s how I read now. 🙂
  • Calm. I’m slowly adjusting to this new way of life. It’s weird but I’m okay. Lots of people to talk to and I’m grateful for that.

NOTE TO SELF: Get workout in. Have bath. Read a bit more. Double check alarm is set for work tomorrow. Report stocking job to EI tomorrow (fill out form).