For Granted

I am thankful for a full belly and groceries in the fridge. I hope I never take this for granted ever.

I am thankful for my new “whiteboard” calendar (it’s just a laminated poster) that I can write my timetable on. It’s a lame thing to be excited about but it helps me get organized. I love planning things to do!

I am thankful for government aid!!! Even though I miss subbing, this is such a blessing and a major help.

I am thankful for help with my taxes. I was getting overwhelmed with it all but think I’ve found some help. I am thankful for this and hope the situation will smooth itself out. When I asked for prayer on it from this prayer group I’m a part of at my church, one woman said that she’d pray for the best possible solution and  that was very comforting. Because even if the solution isn’t perfect, I’ll know Jesus arranged it in the best possible way.

I am thankful for time to paint. I’ve been collecting all these blank canvases for months with the intention of filling my empty walls with art. Now I finally have the time to finish and complete them. This morning I put up my first one. I’m so proud of it. My Auntie Barb told me that she has a friend who told her that when they moved, before they ever arranged their furniture, they put up paintings. It made it feel like a home while they unpacked. I did it all backwards but I’m so thankful for art to make my space pretty.

A couple days ago, I was talking with my Fairy Godmother (she’s a wedding planner and that’s legitimately how she identifies herself on her business card. She is also my actual godmother). We were talking about the pandemic and I said that even though this sounds weird, I’m going to miss this isolation thing when it’s all said and done. It’s allowed me to do so many things I didn’t have time to do. Like, spend time with friends and family (and not because we’re connected to a project or a club or a group but because we want to), to paint, pray by myself and with others, read classic novels, workout, and sleep. It’s rearranged my priorities and I feel like Jesus is reordering things. Which I think needs to be done. I was over-involved. Hopefully, I’ll leave this quarantine with a bit more balance.

I am thankful for technology, even if I don’t know how it works. I’m able to connect with friends I haven’t seen in awhile and build friendships with people across Canada and the US! A couple weeks ago, I joined a Game Night with a bunch of ladies who are Beachbody coaches. I knew one of them but the rest were new to me. I had a blast! Plus, I’ve been meeting with friends in LA and across Canada. Sometimes we visit, sometimes we pray but it’s been a complete blessing. I’m so thankful for Zoom and social media and the phone!

I’m thankful for classic novels. Apparently, Maggie Smith advises all aspiring actors ti read the classics so that’s what I’m trying to do with Northanger Abbey. It’s cool if you don’t listen. Bahahahaha! I’m mostly recording it to keep me on track. Plus, it requires me to read each chapter twice so I take in the content and enjoy it a bit more.

Which reminds me — I’m going to be posting Northanger Abbey on my Soundcloud channel instead of my blog. I wish there was a way for me to keep doing audio recordings because I LOVED doing that a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I’ll figure it out later.

I’m thankful that I can do two things at once. I can listen to a play online and get things done. Technology drives me crazy most days but today I’m very, very thankful for it. I hope I never take it for granted either.