Purples, Pinks, Blues and Greys

I am thankful for unplanned walks with a friend around Wascana Lake. She told me about Montreal where she’s from and I want to go!  I want to see Mile End. It’s supposed be one of the coolest places in the city. She assured me that it’s okay but not nearly as nice as this other area that I can’t remember the name of (“It’s like Cathedral but 100 times better”). She told me about some of the festivals and how the French like it when the English try to speak their language. I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic but she said they actually do.

When this quarantine is over, I want to visit Montreal.

I also want a red wine sangria from La Bodega. Not a whole pitcher. Just one or two and I want to do it while reading a good book.

And I want to get my face dermaplaned. It’s, like, the latest beauty trend.

And I want to go to Moose Jaw spa.

And stand in the presence of real books. Not digital ones. I want to hold a real book and run my finger over a whole shelf of their spines.

And I want to go to church and worship together, put my hands up and have communion with my church family.

And go to Julianna’s house, where Avianna and I usually go on Saturday mornings to write and create. I want to get distracted the way we always do, drink her espresso (I’ll bring snacks to make up for all the espresso I drink) and play with her dog, Finnegan.

And have coffee with my friend, Amy, at Stone’s Throw. We had such a good visit  over the phone today but I miss our visits in person and I miss Stone’s Throw.

I’m thankful in advance for all these things.

I am thankful for podcasts that were suggested by my friend, Danae. I listened to a bunch while knitting this morning.

I am thankful for new knitting projects with new stitches.

I am thankful for visits with Audra and Alisha. We had a good heart-to-heart this week. By that, I mean, honest and to me, when we can be ourselves and speak plainly, that’s when I feel most at home. I hope it was that way for them, too.

As grateful as I am for early mornings to workout with Theresia’s Beachbody team at 6 am,  I do love sleeping in. Today I did and it was heavenly.

I am thankful for my early morning stock job. For the moment when I look out the entrance of London Drugs from one of the tills and see the sunrise. How it fills the sky with purples, pinks, blues, and greys. How it makes my heavy cart full of shampoo and conditioner and deodorant and men’s shave gel and bath Epsom salts so much lighter after a little glimpse of something so pretty.