Things to be Celebrated

Early sunrises. The way the yellow peeks in through my bedroom curtain. For the wind at night. The way it rattles the windowpanes and the rain tip-taps against it.

For friendships new and old. For company even from a distance.

For National Day of Prayer. I was so blessed by the people who out that together.

For finished knitting projects with a stitch I’ve never tried before.

For a finished unit of my legal admin course. Still have another one to go but my conveyancing unit is basically done!

For finished books. Spoiler alert. Henry and Catherine get married. I imagine the wait was intolerable but they were in love and they waited for each other. It’s so rare for people to do that these days. I think it’s so romantic though *sigh*

I’ve had a lot of projects I start fail. Sometimes for reasons out of my control and others because I gave up or got distracted. Finishing things I started was a skill that doesn’t come easily to me but I’ve been very intentional about getting better at it. With all these old projects finishing, I have room for a new one. I’ll share more about it later but hopefully, it will help me grow in some other areas and help with personal development.

In my last post (or perhaps it was the post before that. I don’t really remember) , I said that I don’t think I’m called to full-time teaching but I’m starting to question that now. All I do with my time is learn and create and I miss doing it with a group of people. Especially kids or teens. So take that for what it’s worth! But I’m thankful for the time I have to work on these projects and study. Might as well use my time while I have it!

Even though I’m not a mom, I’m genuinely happy for mother’s day. I had a great mom and I know a lot of other great mom’s who deserve a day to be spoiled and celebrated. Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s reading this!