The Piper Project

Some of my readers will have already seen my posts on Facebook and Instagram about my next writing concept called “The Piper Project.” Basically, I signed up to become a Beachbody** coach but I’m narrating it through the eyes of a cat named Piper. The whole thing takes place on my writing account @clawsbysusanp on Instagram.

My initial plan was to get a cat for myself but my apartment doesn’t allow pets. So I asked the some family friends, the Schlotters, if they’d be willing to take photos of their cat, Piper, for a couple months. I did a similar project when I was there last summer to cat-sit while they went on vacay. I don’t know what it is with me and cats but I love to take their photos and come up with quirky characters. Every cat I’ve ever cat-sat for has become a new character on my personal Insta account. Now I want to try something a little more official.

So, like, my Queen Esther/ Myrtle writing project, I’m going to treat this like an inquiry project. This means I need to make a list of K’s for Know, W’s for Want to Know and L’s for Learned. I’ll be filling you in on my K’s as we go and the L’s have to wait till the end.

Here’s a list of W’s:

  • I want to build healthier habits for consistency. Consistency in creating content, consistency in my workouts, consistency in my eating habits, consistency in relationship-building, etc. I want to be consistent and reliable.
  • I want to become a better copywriter. Of all my habits, my writing habits are the most consistent but my technique is botched. I want to research more but more than anything…
  • I want to start implementing the things I’ve already learned.
  • I want to know what God says about:
    • Confidence
    • Being yourself or loving yourself
    • Taking care of your body. When does it become vanity?
    • Boasting. Is there a way to market with humility and unselfishly?
    • Discipleship. I cringe when I hear this word because I associate so many negative things with it. Like, manipulation, shame, power struggles, etc. I know in my head, that the negative things I associate with the word are inaccurate to the character of Jesus. He is so kind and served more than He asserted His power. Still, I want to know more. What else does Jesus do when he leads? What do I need to do to lead like Him? Is it simply, one person leading the charge and the rest following like a bunch of ducks? Or is there more to it than that? Is it a bit more empowering and freeing than that?
  • This isn’t really a “W” but I miss teaching a lot. Even though I don’t have a physical class to do this with, I can do stuff like this to keep my Teacher Muscle working.

These goals will likely change as I go but we’re going to start here. And I haven’t even gotten in to my fitness goals or sales goals yet. But I’m told that even if you don’t have all the plan figured out yet, that’s okay. Just get started. So I’m starting with my writing and brain-knowledge goals.

The Piper Project begins tomorrow, Thursday, May 14 and will go till Thursday, October 15, 2020. A full six months. I’m trouble shooting what this will look on social media but most of it will occur on my Insta account. Though, I want to bring it into my blogging, too. Again, this is all trial-by-error so who knows what will happen? But I’m committing as a writer for the next six months. Yes, this is a business and I’m going to do my best to treat it like that but this is a writing project, first and foremost, and I suppose — the more I think about it– a study in leadership.

**Beachbody is a multi-level marketing health & fitness company that offers nutritional supplements and fitness programming.