what do I know about fitness

Like I said in my last post, I’m designing The Piper Project as a inquiry unit. I don’t know if this is how you actually do an inquiry unit but this is how I’m doing an inquiry unit.

In my last post, I listed all my “W’s” or “Want to Know’s.” In this post, I’m going to list all my “K’s” which are my “[Already] Know’s.” Hopefully, I remember to post more Know’s about other topics like social media, etc.


  • I know that if I eat when I’m hungry (rather than when I’m eating because I’m bored/angry/sad, etc), I lose weight easier. And I get to eat the foods I love still.
  • Last year, I lost about 15 pounds but I have mixed feelings about it. Though I wanted to lose weight, it was due to a lot of stress and things out of my control. I gained about 5 pounds of it back this fall (which is probably a good thing because I wasn’t eating enough previously). However, since the quarantine began, I was being a bit more intentional about working out and eating better. Last time I checked (pre- May Long weekend), I dropped three pounds. Roughly one pound a week. So this is something to celebrate because it’s something I did purposefully and on my own terms.
  • I’m at the weight I was when I was in high school and I’m comfortable with that. I don’t NEED to lose weight and I like myself the way I am. I’m working out, largely to help with my depression. Moving gives me relief.
  • With that said, I want to get stronger, feel more confident, get better balance, alignment, flexibility and eat more balanced diet. If I lose a couple more pounds or inches, I would still be within a healthy range of my BMI.
  • My body, for some odd reason, does not respond well to super crazy hard weightlifting/cardio. At least not every day. I get bloated and extremely hungry, even with protein shakes. I mean, I can do them occasionally, like once a week, but I don’t like doing it more than that. I’m just not motivated to move that way at this point. However, I love to walk, do pilates, yoga, dance and Barre and all of those things can still help me achieve results I want.
  • I’m looking into nutritional support so I can recover faster from the workouts and get more in (will detail this more in another post). I can do 4 Beachbody workouts a week (plus walks around the neighbourhood) but I want to do it at least 5 times. Maybe I’ll be able to do 6 days a week.
  • I’m still pretty weak and amateur when it comes to the workouts. I can barely get through a full rep of some of the Barre or Piyo exercises on Beachbody on Demand. BUT I see progress each time I press play and I’m noticing a difference. Today, I only stepped out of the Burn Zone in Barre once. Last week, I had to stop a couple times. So I know that something is working.
  • I like to workout at night because: a) That’s when I want to snack the most; b)My mental health is the most vulnerable. Most of my lows are the worst here; c) I sleep better after I workout. I may have a small wave of energy after the workout but when I put my head on the pillow, I’m out. So my nighttime workouts are my fave.
  • When I’m PMS-ing, I turn into this hungry, cranky, nocturnal Furby. So those times are when I struggle the most with food. Workouts help tame the Furby.

I’m sure there are more things I can add to the list but this is a good place to start. Plus I still have to wash my hair before bed.

Night, night!