Strategy: An Inquiry into Business

The Piper Project is an inquiry unit based off a teaching strategy called the KWL chart. Students write a list of what they K for Know about a subject, then W for Want to Know and after researching, they list everything they L for Learned.

I’m using this teaching strategy to learn about leadership, business, writing, education and health as a creative writing endeavour (the bottom of the post has a summary of the project if you are interested).

Now that I’ve got a basic structure for my K’s and W’s (see previous posts), I need to strategize a bit. Obviously this will change eventually and I’ll have to tweak as I go but this is a start.

the Strategy

Each Beachbody (BB) coach is given a Business Activity Tracker that helps us form habits to build our business. I’m going to do the best I can to follow through on it and/or adapt as necessary. The following list delves further into that but focuses on more of the strategy of where I’m putting my effort and why.

  1. Use Instagram/FB for copyrighting and my blog for content marketing.
    • I want to reserve Insta/FB for the sales stuff, ads, one-liners, etc. I plan to play with this a lot. The tone will be quirky, inviting, playful, and comedic (borderline, parody).
    • My blog will record what I’m trying to do and track my progress. The tone will be authentic, honest and informative.
  2. Attend Power Hour calls and get involved with the team hang-outs.
    • I like the people I’ve met on the team and want to get involved more. I need help with accountability and could use some mentoring as I get started so this is a good place for that. Even though I like to work independently, I do thrive with a bit of team effort and healthy peer pressure. Plus, I like to bounce ideas off of people. I’m a bit of social learner that way.
  3. Test out the products and write reviews.
    • In order to stay as an active coach, I have to get 50 Personal Volume (PV) points a month. You get those by purchasing products yourself or clients purchases. If I purchase them myself, it’ll allow me to test out different products and practice writing reviews.
  4. Sell Beachbody on Demand subscriptions.
    • One of the main reasons I like Beachbody is because it’s makes health and fitness programming financially accessible. Obviously if people are in a situation where they are able to support small businesses and go to fitness facilities, I would encourage them to do so but for those who can’t because of finances or would prefer not to because they are an essential service worker, this might be a good option for them. I want this to be my main focus in sales for a couple of reasons:
      • Trust- building – My main focus is community and connecting with people. I don’t get much revenue or PV points out of a Beachbody on Demand subscription. Shakeology or other BB challenge packs is where most of the revenue is made. But I still get practice selling something and serving without expecting anything in return. It would help me develop some of those servant leadership skills I’m interested in.
      • Stepping stone – It introduces customers to the culture of BB and the products. If they choose to start taking the supplements, the Beachbody on Demand programs will give them some insight and help them make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right choice for them.
      • Passion – I love a good deal. BB on Demand is one of the best deals out there for fitness programming, health education, nutrition and wellness. It’s something I can get behind.
    • I’ll try to keep track of what pitches or approaches are most successful (or other ones that completely flop) and write them down on my blog.
  5. Lead at least one Challenge Group
    • I still need to develop this but have some ideas stewing.
  6. Invite people
    • Again, I need to develop this further as it will depend on the Challenge Group I create and the tone of that. Nevertheless, I want to test out some ideas to see what opens people up to the conversation and what closes them off, specifically with cold introductions.
    • This will likely break into a couple strands of inviting people into the Challenge Group and building an audience online. From what I understand, this is gonna take a ton of trial and error. Inviting is definitely my weakest area and most uncomfortable of all the strategies so I’m going to lean into it the most.

The vision is still in the builder’s mode but I’ve got a bit more of a foundation to work with. As per usual, I’ll report as I go. šŸ˜‰

The Piper Project is a creative writing venture where I signed up as a Beachbody coach but I’m narrating it through the eyes of a cat named Piper. It’s an exploration into leadership, creative writing, wellness, education and business. The main platforms I’m using are Instagram, Facebook and my blog, all under the same name Claws by Susan P. I launched it May 14th, 2020 and aim to end it October 15th, 2020.