How to NOT Create an Inquiry Unit

So it would seem we’ve hit a couple snags in the design of this unit… which is inevitable. Problems always come up no matter what project you’re working on but my goal was to show you behind-the-scenes of my process. The good, the bad and the ugly. Anyway, here are a couple of problems and possible solutions:


With the school year approaching, all my focus is going to be on teaching and getting ready. It’s my first year as a teacher (subbing is a different game altogether) so I’m going to be a chicken with her head cut off for the majority of it. Knowing the way my brain works, I won’t be able to teach full-time and be a Beachbody coach, too. One of the things that I’ve loved about this time during COVID – 19 is how my life slowed down. I was able to spend time visiting with friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have time for. I’d like to do my best to bring some of that balance into the school year (it’s going to be nuuuuuts but I’m going to try really hard). This means I need to look at what things I can do and what things I need to adjust or let go of.

SOLUTION: Adjust The Piper Project to finish August 15th, 2020 rather than in October 2020.


My content on my blog has been mostly setting this unit up which, to be fair, needed to happen. But I want to start practicing writing reviews of Beachbody products. Now. Houston, we have a problem. My products haven’t arrived, nor have they even shipped SOOOOOOOO I’m going to have to get creative here until they get inside of me bell-ay.


Each point is a possible blog post idea. How many can I accomplish before August 15th?

*I may or may not be able to do them all but if I’m losing inspiration, I can look at this list and pick something.*

  1. Write a review of Beachbody exercise programs, what I like, dislike, etc.
  2. When products arrive, write or vlog at least one review on the products.
  3. Write a menu plan that is affordable and gluten-free, dairy-free (but not necessarily meat-free).
  4. Review the 2B Mindset program and compare to 21-Day Fix meal plan.
  5. Give creative ideas for equipment when you have none.
  6. Discover restaurants in Regina that have gluten-free & dairy-free options. Review some of your fave spots.
  7. Funny story. In addition to business and education, this inquiry was meant to focus on leadership (another flaw in the design of this unit. I tried to cram too many themes into one project):
    • Write a post examining qualities you admire in other leaders you admire.
    • What does the bible say about leadership?
    • What do you do well? Where do you need to grow?
  8. Write a reflection on the experience. What did I learn? How did I grow? If I could do it again, what would I do differently?


Full disclosure. I have invited no one. Ugh. What a hypocrite, especially after that whole post I wrote about inviting people.

See, the problem is — well, there are a couple of them:

a) I don’t know what I’m inviting them to. I could invite them to the accountability groups or to try out different products, BUT…

b) If the plan is to coach for a short period of time, then it would be irresponsible to invite people to join me and offer to coach them if I know I’m going to be leaving in August.


I came up with this “Lazy Workout for Cats and the Hoomans.” This was what I was talking about in the post where I was making invites (I guess if I were really honest, they were more like posters than invites…) I had SO. MUCH. FUN. Initially, it was going to be a weekly thing but now, I’m like, that’s way too ambitious and totally out of character for a lazy, introverted cat like Piper. So now, I’m going to turn it into a comedy for introverts who hate going out. I’m literally “going for the no!” and will do my very best to get everyone to say no each of my invites. It’ll be the biggest anti-party I’ve ever created.

This could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m all about failing forward and I said I would work on inviting people to stuff. So I need to do it… even if my only goal is for them to say no (he he he). At this point, I’ve got nothing to lose. This thing will be over in August anyway. Plus, I’ve already paid about $40 to put a coaching profile of a cat on a Beachbody website (I regret nothing). Might as well host an anti-workout party for introverts.

Utilize IG better

Talking like Piper on IG is literally my favourite thing ever but I need to get better at having a point… I could riff for hours if I let me.


  • It’s okay to be silly but try to direct your audience somewhere. IE. To a product, to a resource, a blog post, a restaurant, etc.
  • Plan content on content calendar. STAHP WINGING IT.
  • Put LinkTree in IG bio.
  • Use Canva to get extra bougie.

Okay. I think that’s good for now. I knew I needed to adjust the plan since I got the call for the job so I’m happy I had a week to get my head on and take the time to focus.


What goals do you have? What problems have you faced? How will you get focused again?

Is there anything you’re doing that you know you could put more effort into? What is it?

Come up with a plan to start doing it!