The Piper Project Update: Vlog Edition

That was fun! And way quicker than writing.

To keep my self on track, here’s my plan on how I’m going to finish The Piper Project:

1. Write a review of Beachbody workouts, a shake, recommendations, etc. DUE TUESDAY, AUGUST 11th.

2. Vlog or write about the bible studies I wanted to do. It’ll be more of an overview detailing my takeaways on various topics. Things like self confidence, beauty, discipleship, etc.DUE FRIDAY, AUGUST 15th.

3. Finally, I’ll write about my experience doing The Piper Project, things I learned, what I’d do differently, where I’d like to get better. Stuff like that. Due some time the following week.

OPTIONAL: Invite people to an online workout. Send them a free Beachbody workout and a Zoom link.

Let’s see if I can do it!