Quick Correction Re: The Great Say Wha’?

I need to do a couple corrections regarding my last video:

1. There is nothing we can do to make Jesus love us more or less. Peter did NOT need to redeem himself. That was in accurate.

2. Christian’s believe Jesus paid for all our sins at the cross and His resurrection gives us freedom to be close to God and live a holy lifestyle. With that said, God will organize events in our lives to show us grace and mercy. By that I mean, we are forgetful and need to be reminded we’ve truly been forgiven. I believe Jesus asked Peter if he loved him three times at the end of the gospel of John was reminder of his mercy and grace. If wasn’t something to add to the work Jesus did on the cross but to remind Peter he truly was forgiven and to give him a second chance.

3. I don’t know the timing of events at the end of the gospel, especially in relation to one another. So even though The Great Commission was the very last thing Jesus said in Mattew’s gospel, John and Luke and more details and the commission comes at different timings. It’s minute correction but one worth mentioning.