Moment to Moment: Moving Forward After The Piper Project

As per my assignment with The Piper Project, here’s what I learned thus far. To be fair, it’s less about sales and more about what I learned through failure (it can be one of the best teachers). The lessons were more introspective but equally as helpful. Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s are the lessons I learned:

  • I’m terribly afraid of what people think. I’m scared of what Christians will say if I post too many selfies or talk about my journey. There are so many things to be criticized for. I’m scared people will judge me for what I wear. I’m scared of what I’ll be excluded from. I’m scared I won’t measure up. I look silly when I work out. My face gets beet red. My balance is crap. I’m scared of being made fun of. I’m scared of losing friends. I’m scared of rejection. The list goes on. But you know, when I think about it, all these things have happened before and I’ve survived them. We will lose some times and that’s okay. It would be worse if we let that loss defeat us completely. Being afraid of what people think kills so much joy. All I know is I actually like the homework Beachbody gives us. I like moving. I like the way I feel after I work out. I like how it feels to eat better. I like connecting with people and even though it takes me out of my comfort zone, I like the way it feels to accomplish something I haven’t done before. So I’d like to keep trying. Regardless of what people think.
  • I hide behind characters like Piper because it’s safer than putting myself out there. Hiding behind a character is okay if you’re an actor or a writer. It’s a good place to express yourself. Many great actors are introverts who find it easier to express themselves behind a character than they do in real life. Being a Beachbody coach challenges me to put myself out there and build authentic relationships with people. I can’t hide. I have to show up and connect. It’s always uncomfortable at first but once I get over that hump, it’s not so bad.
  • This journey is gonna take some overcoming. I remember writing about this awhile ago but I talked about what shame looks and sounds like. How it’s not just being embarrassed or feeling dirty. It can be cowardice, feeling small, less-than, unworthy or unwelcome, outcast, unable to ‘fit in’, unhealthy victim mindsets, etc. Stuff like that. Beachbody is challenging me to work through all of that. Some days I can conquer those attitudes and mindsets. Other days, I struggle. I feel like God is using Beachbody as a tool to catch those thoughts and change them. And it takes a lot of discipline.
  • Speaking of discipline, I don’t have a ton. For so long, I used to think self discipline was this mindset of pushing until the task is complete. Just push and strive and get ‘er done. And many people have found that method effective. I don’t. I’ve had too many failures and it keeps me humble enough to know that I can’t do it on my own. There are too many days when I just don’t have it in me to try. Please understand. I’m not saying we should get rid of all tasks that we dislike. In fact, I’m saying the exact opposite. We should lean into those tasks we hate because they help us grow. What I’m learning is that I legit need Jesus to help me change my attitude. I need him to give me the energy to do the things that I need to get done and to help me find the joy in the tasks, even if they are uncomfortable or I just don’t freaking want to do them. I want to build healthier habits. I want to have better time management skills. I want to grow. But I can’t do it on my own. I’ve failed too many times. I need Jesus to help me. So this will be a journey of relying on Him daily, moment-to-moment to do this thing.
  • Having goals are great but they aren’t the only thing in this world. This kinda goes back to the last point. Accomplishing a goal feels great and it helps push us forward but it doesn’t define us. In the same way failure shouldn’t define a person, neither should their success. When I’m starting to get too ambitious or overwhelmed, I need to remember to slow down. Whether I accomplish what I set out to do or not, it doesn’t matter. My worth as a human being is not tied up in how well or how poorly I do. We all deserve dignity and respect regardless of who we are and what we’ve done. Because this world is broken, it doesn’t always happen that way. But what I can rely on is the fact that Jesus loves me and that’s enough. I don’t need to “put on” for him. I work, create, write, etc. because it’s a talent I like to use. I hone it because He asks for excellence. I do the other tasks I’m not good at because it helps me grow and keeps me humble. But none of those tasks will change how Jesus feels about me. Plus, as cheezy as this sounds, time is precious. I’d like to enjoy as much of it as possible. Spending my life hustling is not the goal. As far as I can tell, Beachbody doesn’t promote that. It’s about balance and wellness and I think it’s a great tool to help me reach goals without killing me in the process.

I think that’s good for now. There will be more points later as I reflect on it. But I’m ready to move on and try again. It’ll be messy as usual but hopefully, more fun than anything. 😉