Mountain Mindsets

My Thankful List

  • I went on a quick trip to Banff. You can check out all my adventures on my Instagram page. But it was exactly what I needed and it was a perfect getaway before school began.
  • This is going to sound super dumb but I didn’t realize how much I look at the ground until I started looking up at a mountain. Everything is so much different when you see things from a different sightline. I forgot how much looking up can change our attitude. One of my acting teachers told me that. The position of our spine, neck and sightlines effect so much of how we see the world. Looking up helps so much.
  • Also, have you ever wondered about all the things the mountains have seen? And all the things in history they lived through? And how they never really moved? Mountains are so steadfast and mighty. I admire that.
  • And after staring at a mountain for an extended period of time, I realized how crazy of a statement it is when Jesus says that we only need a little faith to tell a mountain to get out of our way. They are SO HUGE!!! We don’t need to be articulate or smart or goodlooking or fancy or accomplish amazing things or whatever in order for a mountain to move. We just have to believe in a God that’s powerful enough to flatten it for us.
  • Also, Dr. Tony Evan’s was talking about what kind of faith it takes to believe mountains will move and he said it’s directly linked to forgiveness. I forget which bible passage he was talking about but he said that right before Jesus tells people that faith can move mountains, he was talking about unforgiveness. How it cramps our faith. Isn’t that interesting but so true? It’s hard to believe in a powerful God if we’re bitter. I need to tattoo that truth into my heart so I can see God move my mountains.
  • I’m grateful to be back at work. I love school. I love the routine and the brain breaks and the team atmosphere. I was really overwhelmed my first day because teaching at 3 different schools seems mind boggling and completely impossible. But I had a chance to talk to one of my coworkers and she helped me chunk out the things I needed to get done in a way that made way more sense and put my worries at ease. It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be okay. There have been so many things I thought were impossible and then God got me through it and I realize it’s possible to do hard things. I believe He’ll help me do it again.
  • I don’t know what’s going to happen with my acne. I’m praying my new meds will help and I’ll be able to see a dermatologist soon. If this is a mountain God is asking me to believe he can move, I’m comforted knowing that I only need a little mustard seed of faith to get started. Whatever happens, I’m trusting Jesus knows what’s best and He’ll get me through. In the meantime, I’m thankful for other women who post about their struggles. It makes me see things differently.

That’s good for now. I have more thankful things but I have to do my workout now.