Comic Sans and Other Anglophone Muggle Struggles: A Thankful List

I am thankful for coffee. I am thankful for green tea. I am thankful for my agenda and lesson planner. I am thankful for walks with friends and phone calls with family. I am thankful for warm fall weather. I am thankful for soap-carving art projects with 13 year olds who don’t take themselves too seriously. I am thankful for kids with exceptionalities who after seeing a handout on an art critique I wanted his class to do, reminded me that using the comic sans font is very unprofessional.

And he’s right. Comic sans is very unprofessional.

I am thankful for the grade four who told me to do my classroom clean-up countdown from 30 in French. I was trying so hard to remember my numbers but it’s harder to do when you’re counting backwards. Then he was, like, “Hey, you don’t even know French!” And he was so right. And I was so busted. I’m thankful for this because it was funnier than it needed to be and then the EA came in and told him to stop being rude. And now we both have to learn French so there ya go.

And I’m thankful for the Core French teacher who showed me a bunch of great resources and added me to this Core French teachers group who have even MORE resources. Then she showed me how to find the French outcomes online which is basically like the Platform 9 3/4 of all outcomes because it’s so freaking hard to find. No Anglophone Muggle can find it.

I’m thankful for students who listen when I tell them to stop but I’m even more thankful for teachers who help me figure out how to deal with the ones who won’t. I’m thankful for “choir practice” (which is just code for “Teachers Going Out for Drinks After Work”). I’m thankful for their jokes and how nice it feels to sit on the deck. I’m thankful for one of the other arts ed itinerants who is going to teach me how to use Gradebook and shared the music room with me that day so I could host a dance class with the grade fours. Maybe they were a bunch of shits through out it but at least they had a nice space to be shits in. I’m thankful that after that class I overheard the intern talking about some of her professional goals about classroom management and it reminded me to work on mine, too. The kids weren’t the only shit in the room. I could’ve done things differently to guide them better too. I’m thankful for the ways kids forgive. I’m thankful for the ways teaching keeps me humble. It brings out so many of my character flaws, prejudices and weaknesses. It’s a wonder Jesus loves me at all. I’m thankful He hasn’t given up on me.

I am thankful for clean masks that smell like laundry. I’m thankful I remembered to wash them all tonight.

Last week, I was researching Leah Dorian, a Metis artist here in SK. I clicked on a link that I thought would lead me to a Kahoot (interactive online quiz) about her. Instead it lead me to some bizarre nude manga that was all in Portuguese. It didn’t happen at work with the kids. Just on my work computer. I’m thankful this didn’t happen in front of class and I’m even more thankful I haven’t been fired yet. My admin was very understanding.

I am thankful for answered prayer and help to get through the day. I am thankful for people to pray with.

I am thankful for meal prep and protein shakes. I am thankful for blue light therapy and how much it’s been helping my skin. I’m thankful healing is a process.

I’m thankful that the ratio of Kind Men to Rude Men is 30:1. I am thankful for the reminder and I’m thankful I’m single enough to enjoy the process of reminding.