Simple Moments

I am thankful for visits with my dad and good talks. I’m thankful for check-ins with coworkers and simple prayers to sustain throughout the day. I’m thankful for principals who mentor, welcome and check-in. I’m thankful for the projects I get to do with the kids. I wasn’t sure how to teach creative movement but then I found a couple ways to merge topics like science, treaty education and pop dance into the different grades I’m teaching and I think it just might work. We might just be able to do it.  I’m thankful that I’m slowly building a relationship with the kids. We had some big wins and things are beginning to smooth out. Maybe tomorrow everything will fall to pieces but even if they do, they’ll fall to pieces and I’ll grow from it. God will dust me off and I’ll try again.

I’m thankful for grade two/threes. I’ll do a countdown to get their attention. Start at 5 and countdown to 1. The expectation is they’ll be in Turtle Mode (ie. heads down) by 1. This one little guy who sits at the front, would yell things like “Poop” and “Butt” in between every number. I had to pretend like it wasn’t funny but it really was. 

I’m thankful for kindergarten class I’ll be teaching tomorrow. This one girl has this smile where she kind of squishes her face into her neck and she smiles like, “I-don’t-know-what-is-happening-but-I’m-going-to-keep-smiling-awkwardly-till-I-figure-out-what-to-do-next.” And it makes me smile every time I see her do it which is basically the whole class.

Once, in another kindergarten class, in a different year, there was this kid who would talk in cartoon (“meep meep”). He really liked the Roadrunner and would pretend to run into a wall and fall back flat. I never understood what he was saying but one day we were sitting in a circle killing time before the lunch bell rang and there was this little squash we all passed around. The teacher who was leading the activity told the kids to tell the squash their favourite color. Just whisper it. Nothing too loud. They were already pretty worked up so whispering seemed like a good idea. It was less about the color or the squash and mostly just to practice sitting still in a circle, passing and sharing. Anyway, when the kinder kid who spoke cartoon got the squash, we watched him talk to it for, like, 90 seconds. Like a looooooong time. We all sat there and watched him have a conversation with a squash and it was the most endearing, brilliant piece of theatre I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll try to act it out one day. Maybe you’ll see how quirky and lovely it was if I show you.

I’m thankful God hears my prayer and when I say, God I need to you teach me what to do and I sit down and flip open my bible,  He leads me to the exact bible passage I need to hear when I need to hear it. He did it to me yesterday and turned a sour day into something beautiful.