like it or not

I am thankful for the sun. I am thankful for a new day. I am thankful for time to clean. I am thankful for a place to clean. I am thankful for sweaters. I am thankful for Marrakesh stew from 13th Avenue Coffeehouse. I am thankful for slam poetry and the moment when kids understand what the point of the exercise is and that maybe they could do it, too.

I am thankful for my blog. I write a lot about Jesus, my faith and my life here. Maybe that’s selfish (and maybe I agree with you) but that’s what I do. If you don’t like what you find on my blog, please feel free to read something else. That’s one of the great things about the internet; there are a bazillion other things to look at other than the thing you are mostly mad at.

I am thankful that Jesus is not like the sinful people He loves. He doesn’t act one way to your face and another way behind your back. He doesn’t gossip or use his words to manipulate people to His side. He speaks the truth no matter the cost. He doesn’t count his sacrifices, nor does He boast over how great of a servant He is. He just is. His rebukes are done with self-control. He can be a bit cheeky sometimes but He doesn’t mock people. Nor is He foolish or careless when He speaks. There’s a clear purpose behind everything He says. He does not use His power for selfish gain. Instead, He gives up all His power and lays down His life for people instead. He does not break a bruised reed. He is gentle and lowly of heart. He is not self-righteous but He’s confident enough in Himself that He can tell people to trust Him. He does not ask anything of His disciples that He would not do. He does not preach the word of God as an opinion or for political gain. He preaches the Truth and He doesn’t sway from it (whether you like it or not, at least He’s honest to your face). I am thankful Jesus is who He is and the sins of His people- including me- are not a reflection of His person.

P.S. I’m celebrating my second anniversary on my blog. Cheers to two years of growth!