Thankful things:

  • Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day!
  • It’s moving day today. I’m going to miss this apartment for all it’s fond memories but I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. Still have so much to do but I want to write all my thankful things first.
  • Also, when you soundtrack the writing of your list with Andrea Bocelli, it makes it extra dolce. 😉
  • For my air purifier, food in my belly and warm water to bathe and wash dishes.
  • For government leaders and admin who are doing their best to get us through COVID. It’s such a weird time and so many bizarre things are happening but I’m grateful for the plans they’ve put in place. I know it sounds odd but I love the way that crisis causes people to work together. Obviously, not always. Crisis can cause a lot of division but in the moment, I love the way people get their priorities straight, focus on the tasks that matter and help each other. Whatever happens, I know that God has allowed that trial to pass through His hands first and I’ll trust Him to get me through it.
  • For breakthroughs with a couple kids at school. For more good days than bad. For kind emails from vice principals. For GoNoodle dance videos to help tucker out energetic primary kids. For Shel Silverstein and fun choreography created by grade 2/3’s. For the moment when kids who were resistant to participating, get into the project and actually try. For the way a grade five, consoled me when I forgot some papers at home and assured me she forgets things, too. For great conversations about social issues. For the moment when kids who are affected by those social issues realize that they can be themselves in class.
  • For my period. YAY! It came the day my Fitbit predicted. Well done, Fitbit!
  • Oh, so I got a major detail wrong in my last vlog post. Apparently, Samuel didn’t write 1st Chronicles or 1st Kings. Ezra did (or that’s what scholars think). I don’t know why I thought Samuel did. Not even my study bible said that… Anyway, way to go, Ezra! I’ll have to read you next! Sorry for the mix up.

Gotta go and finish packing. Later gators!