Spooky Hotdogs: A List of Gratefulness

I am thankful for:

  • Visits with my aunt in Ottawa over the phone who is also thankful for “a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of.” I knew I learned how be thankful in quirky ways from someone. Now I know who.
  • Meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Talking about theatre and politics. I don’t keep up with either topics that much but I like being around people who do. They make me feel smarter than I am.
  • Today went smoother than I thought it would.  Perhaps it’s because this week was kinda messy. Whatever the case, I appreciated today more. The way the kids listened or worked together. The work periods were loud and chaotic but I could see the kids were working and getting stuff done. And that meant a lot to me. They actually tried and they created something without me telling them how. And they did really well. I told a couple of my classes how awesome they are today and I hope it landed. They are really great kids and they made my day.
  • Even though yesterday was messy (uh, let’s face it, this week was kinda messy), there were many highlights.
    • A grade one asked me to help him draw a bat. I told him I wanted him to keep trying on his own. He groaned, tossed his head back in frustration and said, “Mine just looks like a spooky hotdog.” I started to laugh and he stopped taking himself so seriously.
    • Kindergarteners who greet you with hugs. Even the one who can’t get over the polka dots (acne scars) on my face. She loves to talk about my spots and after she invites me to her birthday party. I believe it’s not for awhile but I’m still invited.
    • There are a couple EA’s who are very supportive and patient with me. They are a dream to work with and I’m so relieved when I get to work in their classrooms.
    • One of the grade fives who was resistant to doing printmaking finally did it and she did a really good job.
    • I was able to debrief with one of the admin about the day. She was so busy but she took the time to talk with me and figure out where things went wrong and how to get back on track. It meant so much that she’d take the time especially since she had a very difficult day, too.
  • A warm home with running water.
  • For an episode of Justified.
  • For new responsibilities and prayers that I will steward them well.
  • For Uriage skincare. Their barrier cream and Rosealine (?) Moisturizer has been healing my skin. Retinol, Vichy Normaderm cleanser, blue light therapy, a clean diet and better water helps, too. Prayer, too, of course.
  • For homemade sushi, kitty cuddles and bed time.