Thankful List around Midnight

Tonight I went for a walk to get some groceries. I don’t remember what moment it was but somewhere from point A to point B, I realized how much God has blessed me. How faithful He’s been and all the things He’s delivered me from. Even when things are hard or doors close or I don’t get what I want (now that I write it down I see how extremely entitled that sounds), Jesus is always looking out for me. He’s taken such great care of me.

I could make a list of all the materialistic things I’m grateful for. The things I own, my new place, my cats, my free time, income that allows me to have a better quality of life and benefits that ensure my health is taken care of. Features in my apartment that I didn’t have at my last one. A job that I enjoy. And whether or not things turn out the way I hoped, I’m so grateful for the time I had it… I think I say that in every list. Mostly in case i lose everything again, i want to have a heart free enough to still be grateful and praise God for His goodness without clutching to the past or all my belongings. Seasons change and all these material goods will fade but God won’t and I think that’s what I’m most grateful for.

It’s highly possible that tomorrow will be very different from today and things won’t go as planned or something bad could happen or whatever but tonight I want to remember the night I went for a walk and was reminded of how blessed I am. It wasn’t a contrived moment where I was searching hard for blessings to beat a bad attitude. They were right there in front of me and the list flowed fast and easy. So I’m writing this midnight blog post as a reminder to myself.

NOTE TO SELF. God is good. I don’t deserve any of the kindness he’s shown me… but who cares? God is so, so good and that’s all that matters.