Thursday Night: A Thankful List

  • One of the schools I work at has challenged me, even when I was a sub. Both this week and last, the days have gone much smoother. I credit this to the hard work of the teachers, E.A.’s, and admin. Tetting armoured up with prayer helps a lot, too.
  • Sophia, my cat, puked up worms so I gave both of them (I have two. The other is Marilyn) dewormer just to be safe last weekend. They are back to wrestling, midnight Zoomies and Sophia’s appetite has improved significantly. Hoping it worked.
  • One of my kindergarteners, was getting tired by the end of the day and she was starting to get a little goofy. There was this point where she decided to sit at her desk wearing her vest like a hat, only her arm hole was on her head and the rest of her knitted sweater kind of draped over the rest of her face like a veil. Her washed out pink hair was poking through the arm hole she had sitting on the crown of her head. I was, like, whatever, this is a battle I’m not going to fight and generally, when I ignore this behaviour, she stops. Anyway, I had the kindergartens colouring this worksheet with animals and objects that made sounds. We were going to cut them out and paste them on this chart depending on how high or low the pitch of the object could make (ie. a cat’s meow vs a motorcycle’s “vroom”). She was getting frustrated about colouring. I sat down and told her how I could tell she had style because of her pink hair and kids with that kind of style are probably really good at colouring with more than one colour (unlike the scribbles of red marker she had done previously). She was pretending not to smile under her very avant-garde arm-hole-vest/veil thing but it worked. She just needed to know she had style and then she started colouring with more than one colour. Well, for at least two seconds longer than she did before scribbling again and going completely rogue (ie. out of the lines).
  • One of my grade fours, asked me if I was wearing camo pants because we were talking about the Cree Code Talkers in the war. I said no. But it made me laugh so I’m counting it as something to be thankful for.
  • Most of my Grade 3/4’s have been so kind to me lately. I literally asked them if they were feeling okay. Do you have COVID? I asked. Why are you being so nice to me? And I realized they’ve been doing really well for the past month and how blessed I am to work with these kids.
  • Awhile ago, found a video on my phone of my friend’s son who was in grade 8 at the time. I was living with her at the time and he and his friend must’ve took my flip phone and made a video after they just got their unibrows waxed (they were going on a date that night with their crushes). The vid always makes me smile.
  • Tomorrow is Friday. I’m excited it’s the end of the week and I don’t have to move or mark any large assignments or clean old apartments. All I want to do after work tomorrow is get into my pj’s, cuddle with my cats and binge on Justified all night. Lord willing, that’s what I’m going to do.