Paw Patrol Pop-Ups: A Thankful List

I am thankful…

  • For Rememberance Day. Literally one of the best holidays. No one expects a fancy dinner. No special gifts. It’s a day to remember, count your blessings and rest.
  • For time to rest. I was sent home for a couple days to self monitor. It was answered prayer in many ways. The day before I was praying for help. The next day, I was told to self monitor and stay home. Last night was my first night of 8 hours of sleep in a couple months. I had a two cups of sleepy tea to accomplish it but it happened and I’m grateful.
  • Yesterday, I was working on my lesson plans for my sub. I thought if they were done the music assignment early they could colour some Paw Patrol thing or whatever. I wasn’t very discerning and picked this shady website with a nice graphic of the puppy patrollers. I downloaded the pdf and all these pop ups come up about kinky singles in my area and this computerized monotone voice saying, “Open up the voicemail, sweetie.” And then all these voicemails started popping up and women who weren’t wearing many clothes offering companionship but ALL I WANT IS A PICTURE OF PAW PATROL. Anyway, I’m thankful the tech guy at school who fixed my computer problem while I was at home and he was in his office. He and got rid of the pop-ups and taught me how to fix it the next time! Im so thankful for tech people because I literally have no clue what I’m doing.
  • I had two upcoming appointments this week. One for my cats and another for a dermatologist. I’m grateful I could reschedule both.
  • I’m thankful for Superstore and Walmart that organize pick-up or delivery. I’m thankful for my Dad who picked up my groceries and delivered them.
  • I’m thankful for the friendly nurse who had the great misfortune of sticking a long q-tip up my nose so I, like the many, many other people in the COVID testing drive-thru could know if we were true biohazard or not. She didn’t treat me like I was a pain. She was personable and respectful. I’m thankful for nurses who genuinely care and aren’t all dead inside.
  • I was attempting to fast this week. It was imperfect, messy and I question whether I was actually successful at it considering how many times I failed… I’ll probably have to try again another time. The good news is God was faithful anyway. He answered a couple of my prayers and had my back even when I didn’t know something was on it’s way. I don’t know if my fasting had anything to do with the outcome of the events or not. Many of the answers He offered weren’t quite what I had in mind. Regardless, the point isn’t whether I got what I wanted, it’s that He answered. He’s good and He knows what is best for, not just me, but other people, too. And that’s something to be thankful for.
  • Dad asked me what my cats do all day and I said I don’t know. But now I do. They wrestle and chase each other for about 5 hours non-stop. I was wondering why I found a tooth on the floor the other day and I think I get it now. They climb and jump and run and chew and chomp and run into things and fall down from things and I could see how one of them would lose a tooth. I’m grateful to have companions to keep me company at home. They are funny, annoying but they are the best cuddlers. Makes my time at home so much sweeter.
  • I’m grateful for a warm place to live and food to eat.