“Do The Shoes” Tutorials and Other Thankful Things

I am thankful…

For a week of rest and informative staff meetings over Zoom.

For the grade 2/3’s who made these Teach Me Tutorials for class. We celebrated 50 days of school so I asked them to teach me something they knew how to do and make a tutorial. Some taught me how to stick handle, how to re-pot a plant, how to vacuum (the kid’s dad definitely helped with the graphics), how to properly and thoroughly make your bed, how to get your dog to do a trick, how to use the laundry machine, or how to “do the shoes”  (put them away) on a Friday night when your sister keeps bombing your video with dance moves and assuring the viewer that she did the shoes earlier and the grade 2 tells her she’s ruining his video but he’s not about to “do the shoes” twice and hands it in anyway.

For showers and the way you feel after.

For hair consultations and problem solving on how to get mermaid hair with new restrictions in place. May have to go back to the drawing board and figure something out. BUT I saw the magenta colour I wanted and I knew it the moment I saw it that was the colour. Just gotta figure out how to make it mine.

I’m not good at lying. I mean, I’m convincing in the moment but after my conscience feels awful and I need to tell somebody. There are two ways to get me to confess: 1. Let me sit there quietly and think for a long time about what I did. 2. Have a beautiful man kiss me.

I am thankful for reminders that I’m a sinner in need of God’s grace. I’m thankful that in the first situation, a friend was willing to pray with and for me. Hopefully, I will have the guts to do the right thing if that situation presents itself again. And in the other, the beautiful man just kept kissing me. That was nice, too.

(Quick story: When I was in Toronto, I was leaving my friend’s condo that I was staying at and went through the back stairwell. I opened the door and a couple was snogging in the snow. He was black and she was white. They didn’t notice me. They were too busy kissing. They fit together snug. Just like the Gustav Klimt kissing painting. I walked past, smiled and thought to myself how nice that would be. And then I did it and now I understand why kissing in the snow is a wonderful thing).

For my cats, their morning cuddles and a cup of coffee while they make two puddles of fur in my lap, for the un-official extension of my contract, and things to do. I’m thankful for the hair ball my cat puked up and that it wasn’t a worm. She seems to like to puke on my bath mat which makes for easy clean-up. I’m thankful for that… I’m thankful for the groceries I’m going to buy. I’m thankful for today and whatever happens tomorrow I will deal with. But for this moment, I’m thankful for now.