Blackout Poetry Experiment with Dickens

Thought I’d give blackout poetry a try as I’d like to do it some kids at school one day. I’m not much of a poet but it was fun to play.


1. Find a free book.

2. Flip to page 20 and 21 (you can pick any page but I chose those two because New Years is coming soon).

3. Find words or themes and circle them. Write them out and play with line spaces.

4. Blackout with a Sharpie the words you don’t need OR highlight the ones you do.

5. You can draw or doodle on the margins (optional).

the parlour was frightened of the quiet

the bedroom window

at rest

is feeding on the sundial

Here our house wanders and frowns

that dreadful aisle makes faces at the open door

the porch, a stray sheep, tempted to feelings of affliction bore in vain

the stairs shut up the drowsy seat with a crash

the sweet-smelling air beyond the high fence where the bolting wind rises

the winter twilight is out of breath and rests

watch her

sitting alone

cloudy eyelids thatched with

a lovely moment

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