Iron Chef Parody Activity

Last week, a handful of grade 5’s turned an assignment I gave them during online school called “Iron Chef Parody.” Today was the day I sat down to mark them all. Not many of them participated but the ones that did knocked it out of the park! They did so good and totally made my day! I wish I could show you their parodies but I’m not allowed 😦

BUUUUUUT I can share the activity.

It’s broken up into two parts. Part 1 is a simple way to help the kids get a grasp of what is happening in the show so they can ham it up. Part 2 is the actual creation of the parody. It was a great way to get to know the families better and some of them came up with ideas that I never would’ve thought of. This would be a good activity to do in the winter during quarantine.

This activity would fulfill the Saskatchewan Arts Ed Curriculum CP 5.4 I can create a drama using pop culture as inspiration.

Iron chef parody: Pt. One

A parody is when an artist makes a spoof or something silly out of another artist’s work. We are going to make a parody out of the show, Iron Chef, but first we need to get familiar with the show. It began in Japan before it got popular in America. Two talented chefs compete to create a full-course meal in under an hour. They must use the “secret ingredient” that’s only revealed at the beginning of the show. Judges would taste test at the end and vote for who was the best.

Please watch at least ONE of the episodes below and answer the questions below:

a) What did you notice the chefs doing? Describe some of their actions and behaviours.

b) Make a list of everything you see in the kitchen (at least 10 items).

c) Other than the chefs, who were the other characters?

d) What are some challenges or problems the chefs face?

Iron Chef Black Pig Battle
Iron Chef America S01 Ep01: Flay vs. Bayless

iron chef parody: pt. two


Now that you have completed part one, we can create!

1. GIVE yourself an Iron Chef name (Favourite food + Favourite kitchen utensil).

2. FIND one friend/family member/pet/stuffie/toy to compete against you as another chef.

3. ASK a family member to supervise and hold the camera.

4. Your secret ingredients are TUNA and CHOCOLATE. You can switch them up to whatever you think is the most disgusting combination. I also suggested hummus + chocolate, salsa + chocolate, garlic + chocolate.

5. THINK of a dish you could create that would include these two ingredients. Start PLANNING!

6. GRAB your supplies (ie. kitchen bowls and utensils) and all the food you’ll need. Don’t forget a cell phone or laptop that you can use to film the next part!

7. CREATE it! Please FILM your creation process!

8. ASK someone (ie. family member, friend, pet, stuffie or a toy) to be a judge and give feedback.

9. POST your Iron Chef “film” in Google classroom.


a) Your “episode” should be 2-10 minutes long (you can go longer if needed).


c) This project is best done with family or friends as it will require teamwork and planning. 😉

d) Even though we are making a spoof or parody out of a show that originated in Japan, please don’t make fun of the Japanese culture. Speak like you normally would and don’t alter anything about your appearance, except to add a chef outfit (if you choose to use one).

e) Your creation should be gross but as the Iron Chef, you must be proud of your creation and think you are the BOMB!

f) Every potty joke you make = how many bites of your creation you must eat.


h) You will be evaluated on your improvising/acting as the Iron Chef. You won’t be evaluated for the presentation of your “tasty creation.”

Have fun!

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