Thankful List of Overcoming

Haven’t made a thankful list in awhile. I’m colouring my hair and have a couple minutes before I wash it out. Here’s a little list of things I’m thankful for:

  • We’re over halfway through the school year. It has been challenging in so many ways but we’re almost there. Almost at the summit. Still got a ways to go but I’m so grateful to have made it this far. God has been looking out for me in so many ways. I don’t think I’d get very far without Him… I’m so, so, so grateful for this and for Him.
  • I began a legal assistant course last year. It has three modules: conveyancing, criminal and civil. I finished conveyancing at the end of February and got 80% on the exam! This is a big deal because I started and stopped so many times. Couldn’t tell if I was doing the course because I had a crush on a lawyer or because I was bored or wanted to run away from being a teacher or because I have a genuine goal in mind. I think it was all of them. I got distracted and discouraged. I was dreading studying for it because I didn’t think I could. I talked myself out of it before I even gave it try! Same thing with audio transcription. I tried to do it for an internship I had with a film company and got so discouraged because I couldn’t keep up. But this audio transcription is so much slower and easier to understand! I still have a lot to go on the course but I’m getting there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it all done before next year!!
  • Supper with my dad. Movies with him too. We watched New High, a doc about addicts who climb Mt. Rainier as apart of their treatment. It’s through this place called Urban Gospel Mission in Seattle. It was so inspiring and well done. I mean, I thought so at least.
  • Dad found one of my mom’s necklaces and gave it to me. It’s a beaded thing. We’re not Indigenous so I don’t know where Mom got it from but it’s so pretty.
  • I had some really challenging things happen a while back and Jesus got me through it. It was humbling. Teaching is very humbling. But I’m grateful because I’m still standing and still here.

I need to wash my hair now. Good night!

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