Bucket Fillers: A Thankful List

  1. I’m thankful it’s the first day of spring. Even if it’s cloudy and windy. I like spring more than any other season because it’s new and fresh. People come out from their apartments and their houses, squinting at the sun. In no time, we’re all a little giddy from all the vitamin D. Maybe everything is muddy and gross but I don’t care. The snow is melting and it’s a new start.
  2. I spent the afternoon on a deck with an old friend and her family. We hadn’t seen eachother in years and we picked up right where we left off. You’d think we just saw each other last week. I love friendships like that. It was a perfect pick-me-up.
  3. I’m thankful for a job. Who know’s if I’ll survive this year. Maybe I’ll die or maybe I’ll fail or maybe my employer won’t hire me back but I’m going to keep trying and doing the best I can. I’m grateful for something to do and an income.
  4. I’m thankful for this little kiddo who gave me a hug (physical distancing is extrememly difficult to navigate with little people). I’m literally the worst at comforting people who are crying and was in such a cranky mood that day so I was surprised when she came for a hug. She drew a picture of her and I going for a walk and then put BOB’s name on the pic. I asked her who that was. She laughed and said, I dunno. It didn’t make sense but I thought it was kind of funny, too. All the chaos of the day, week, year was all worth it after a hug from this kid who may have needed it more than me.
  5. I’m thankful all my physical needs are met. I have everything I need and way, way more.
  6. Last night, some friends and I played Sporcle online. It was a nice way to end the week.
  7. Today, I texted a friend I haven’t seen in awhile to say hi. She told me some great news. She and her husband were reconciled! Even though things aren’t perfect, they are healing together. She’s got a much better job and is in a better situation than before. I love stories about reconciliation and restoration. They give me the warm fuzzies.
  8. Maybe I’m not loved by everyone but I’m thankful for the ones that do. When I count the people who care for me, regardless of how big or small the number is, the people who love me mean more than the people who don’t. Maybe one day, all those people will hate me, too, but for now they don’t and I’m grateful for that.
  9. I started dreaming again today. Maybe I’ll achieve my dreams or maybe I won’t but I’m grateful to remember what it feels like to dream.
  10. I’m grateful to be single. Sometimes it’s lonely but then I spend some time with people and feel much better. Maybe one day, I’ll fall in love again but even if I don’t, I know I’ll be okay. If anyone was made to be single it would be me. Like, sometimes I wonder if I’m a little on the spectrum because of how much I love to spend time alone. It’s my favourite thing. Over a month ago, I went to a marriage conference to see what marriage was really like and the problems people face. It’s beautiful in many ways but it’s also really hard. I left that conference half-wanting to be married and half-grateful that I’m not. Being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. It can actually be quite nice and at this moment, I’m grateful for this time. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be but today I am so I’m going to soak it up.

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